Friday, October 03, 2014

Katherine Garbera: Baby Business

From the moment I started my Baby Business trilogy, I knew that Kell Montrose was going to be the hardest to redeem.  He had grown up with his bitter grandfather and seen firsthand how ruthless Thomas Chandler could be.  His need for revenge was about more than pride, it was imbedded in his very being. 

So how was Emma going to crack through that resolve?  She didn’t really want to, if I’m being honest.  And then they got trapped in an elevator and all of a sudden there was this intense physical reaction that I hadn’t anticipated.  I should have given how repressed Emma had been in the other stories and how now that Kell had what he wanted he was able to see Emma clearly for the first time.

But sex wasn’t going to sway Kell to give up his revenge.  It was going to take falling in love, isn’t that why we read romance? And in this case, Emma’s son played a key part in helping Kell come to terms with his past and seeing that the future didn’t have to be as driven by bitterness.

Sammy is precocious and lively.  Emma is s widow who’s husband had been a Formula One driver.  I love F1 and have spent a lot of time thinking about these men who feel the need to get into a car and drive at insane speeds.  It’s dangerous no matter how many safety precautions are put in these day.  And I think it’s the danger that drew Helio to racing and in turn that dangerous man drew Emma.

Sammy allowed me to show a different side of Kell.  One that I think surprised him half the time too. Here’s a little excerpt:

DJ and Sammy came back over to them and Dec scooped his son up, holding him on his lap as the game got underway. Sammy stood there looking around and then walked over to Kell and just stared at him.
Kell saw himself in that little toddler. Remembered what it felt like to be the only kid at school without a dad on those days when parents were invited to the classroom. He didn’t care what happened with Emma; he knew he had to be careful not to harm Sam. Not just for the boy’s sake but also for his own.
He reached down and scooped the three-year-old up. Sammy didn’t say anything; he just settled down on Kell’s lap and put his arm around him, resting his head against Kell’s chest.
Kell sat there as emotions—real emotions he couldn’t deny—stirred in him. He wanted to be the kind of man who would be a good father to Sammy. He knew that Emma deserved a man who would do that for her.
But for a brief instant he wished that he could be that man.  He knew that it was a stretch and never in his life had family or forever been a part of the picture, but tonight he sort of wished it was.

I hope you enjoy the last installment in my Baby Business trilogy.  If you missed either of the previous titles they are: HIS INSTANT HEIR and BOUND BY A CHILD.

I was inspired to set the series in the world of video games since my husband is a video game producer and we spend a lot of free time on the Xbox! J

I’m giving away a complete set of the Baby Business trilogy to one lucky winner.  Tell me about your favorite type of hero to be entered to win.  I like my alpha, driven and able to admit when they were wrong…also sexy as hell.

***Katherine's winner is Cindy Hamilton!  Please email with your mailing details!***


Anonymous said...

Love those hard-to-redeem heroes, Kathy! It's always so gratifying when they finally realize how wrong-headed they've been!

erin said...

I love the betas w/ alpha tendencies ;) congrats on the new release! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Thompson said...

I like alphas, but especially the ones who are close to their families.

Dawn said...

I like my heroes wounded but redeemable. All he needs is the right woman to make him whole.

Cindy Hamilton said...

I like a strong alpha males with a tender side who falls hard.

Beautiful Disaster said...

I like the alpha that hides behind a tortured soul but really has a big heart when it comes to the woman he loves and family :)
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Mary Preston said...

I love a hero who is confident, but not cocky. He must have a sense of humor & be able to laugh at himself. I need him to be more brains than brawn.

Fedora said...

I like the kind of hero you describe, Kathy, but I also like the quieter heroes, just as capable and smart, but not necessarily in your face. Just as ready to take responsibility when it's necessary though, and well able to handle adversity :) I love the sounds of Kell--redemption is a tough thing, both to write and to live. But that hope and a second chance is part of what makes life beautiful. Thanks for sharing this trilogy!

Judy said...

I'm very versatile; I like all kinds of heroes: the power broker, the tormented soul, the good-guy-next-door, the one that got away, the nerd who turns alpha, etc. As long as their story is compelling and they truly fall in love with the heroine, they're the hero for me.