Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas in Cupid Falls

Welcome to Cupid Falls, Pennsylvania…well, actually, this is Waterford, PA.  But it's where my October 21st release, Christmas in Cupid Falls opens.  In Waterford.  You see, the real town of Waterford has a real statue of George Washington because the real George visited there.

My imaginary town of Cupid Falls doesn't have an imaginary statue of George…no, it has an imaginary legend...


The Legend of Cupid Falls, Pennsylvania

To the south of Erie, Pennsylvania—south of the Great Lake that shares a name with the city—is Falls
Creek. It is bigger than most creeks, but not quite large enough to be considered a river. It runs through field and forest to a ridge, carved millennia ago by a glacier. There, it plunges over the edge, falling to a hollowed-out swimming hole before becoming a creek again and meandering on its way.

Local legend has it that when George Washington visited the nearby town of Waterford in 1753, one of his retinue was touring the area. The locals took him to the falls, and there he met a farmer’s daughter. He married her later that same year and they settled near the creek. Years later, their daughter went to the falls with a group of friends and noticed that one of the boys in the group might be more than a friend. They married later that same year. And so it went, year after year, decade after decade, couple after couple, until the small waterfall, which in actuality was little more than a creek tumbling over a small cliff, became known as Cupid’s Falls.

When a town grew up a few miles away, the residents named it Cupid Falls as an homage to their waterfall.

And to this day, it is said that when two people meet at the falls and declare their love, they are destined for a long, happy romance . . .

Even if that’s not what they went to the falls looking for.

I love writing small town romances that have a lot of humor and heart like Christmas in Cupid Falls.  I also love writing, romantic drama, romantic comedy, women's fiction with a romantic twist (I've coined the term Womance for it) and now even comedic mystery.  It doesn't matter what I'm writing, I think there are threads that runs through all my books…things like heart, community and humor.  I hope you enjoy this first book in my new Cupid Falls series!

As for the movie…well, I'm sure Spielberg isn't worried! LOL But I hope it gives you a taste of what small town Pennsylvania is like!



dstoutholcomb said...

I was born in a small town in PA

Mary Preston said...

I love your legend & the beautiful cover.

HollyJacobs said...

DS, I'm so sorry It took me so long to respond! If you were born in these parts, then you'll have no trouble visualizing Cupid Falls! It is small town PA!

HollyJacobs said...

Mary, I apologize to you as well for the delay in responding! I'm so glad you like the cover and legend! I had so much fun coming up with something that would the entire series!