Monday, May 19, 2014

Susan Stephens: RT Convention 2014

Why travel so far to convention?

Because this is when I get to meet my readers, feel their enthusiasm, listen to them talk about their lives and the books they love to read - the story lines that have touched them the most, and the characters they have fallen in love with.

I always tell everyone that I have the most wonderful readers in the world, and I mean that. I feel I already know you when we meet, as we have connected through story.

This time has been awesome, with wonderful examples of readers' devotion to the romance genre, and I know that next time will be awesome too. So I have to say to you, why not convention? I would be denying myself the most wonderful experience imaginable, and I'm not going to do that!

Thank you. Thank you all for making me so very welcome yet again. I love sharing my dreams with you, and I love you.

Let me share some marvellous moments with you now.

Here's a picture of my dear friend Carole Mortimer with publisher Diane Moggy, shortly before Carole received a pioneer award from RT.

Carole began writing in 1978 and has brought untold reading pleasure to millions.
Below you can see me with my regular signing buddy (we are seated alphabetically) Shelli Stevens. I was thrilled to learn that Shelli hit the New York Times list since we last met.

That's another good reason to travel to RT or RWA. I count myself lucky to have made some wonderful friends and when we meet up again it's as if we've never been away.

My last shot is an overview of the giant signing, where readers and authors have the chance to meet.

One of my readers explained the joy on her face by telling me, 'This is my Hollywood.'
I can tell you that to me, this is a chance to be with my readers and makes every second I spend in my writing solitude back home MORE than worthwhile.

My question to you is this... What fills your heart with joy when you meet your friends?
Here's to the next time!

My love and thanks to you all,

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