Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lucy Monroe: Who Doesn't Love a Good Miniseries?

In the past decade, I've published over 65 books and one thing readers say over and over again...they love when those books are connected.  Me too!

I'm a big fan of ongoing series, definitive length miniseries and even book duos.  It's just so much fun being able to revisit old characters, see the unfolding stories of secondary characters, spend time in familiar settings, or all of the above.  And yet, I'd really hesitated to sign on for a publisher controlled continuity.  The idea of being given a set of characters, their story and continuity points that must be included in the book was really daunting.

But when my editor approached me with The Chatsfield concept, I was intrigued.  I loved the idea of a series of books written around a slightly dysfunctional family linked to a swank hotel chain.  And the other authors involved?  Some of my faves as well as a couple I have not read yet.  So, definitely worth the investment of my time.

However, it was only when I got my characters and story from the editors that I knew I'd truly made the right decision to be involved.  I could have come up with this storyline, it was so classically Lucy Monroe and the characters were fantastic people I wanted to get to know.

The process of writing a book related to that written by other authors was challenging in a very good way and helped me to grow as a writer, I think.  Even more importantly, I believe the story I was able to write is one readers are going to relate to and really enjoy.

So, welcome to The Chatsfield...I hope you enjoy your stay!

It's your turn:  what is your favorite thing about reading connected novels?

Sheikh’s Scandal

The Chatsfield mini-series
Harlequin Presents #3233
May 2014
© By Lucy Monroe
ISBN-10: 0373132395
ISBN-13: 978-0373132393

from Harlequin

When the Sheikh comes to town...

Sheikh Sayed of Zeena Sarha and his harem of beautiful women are staying at the exclusive, opulent Chatsfield Hotel, London, for the last stop on his worldwide tour before his wedding. But when his engagement is unceremoniously broken, Sayed sets his sights on his sexy chambermaid!

Liyah Amari only took the position as chambermaid to find the truth about her birth father. But her search ends in heartache, leaving Liyah vulnerable to this powerful sheikh’s desires. Now their one night of passion could result in a scandalous consequence for the proud Sheikh!

Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!

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girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I've read the excerpt & I'm so happy to know that there are going to be lots of stories!! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Girlygirlhoosier! :) Hope you enjoy them!