Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here We Go Again

2014 is turning out to be my year of backlist books.  My first books were
published by Kensington's Precious Gems line and they're coming out again as eBooks.  The two that are out now were published as Be My Baby and Side By Side.  They're back to my original titles.  Why?  Because I really liked my original titles.  So now Be My Baby, which deals with a lactation consultant (something I worked at for years) is Bosom Buddies. Yeah, I know.  You're either laughing…or rolling your eyes.  My kids would be rolling their eyes, so it's okay if you are!

The book was Side By Side, and now it's Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes.  Really, when a runaway bride runs what else would she wear but tennis shoes??

On all these new old releases I'm using the tagline "A Holly Jacobs Classic Romance" because I want readers to know that these are older works.

I don't tend to reread my older works, so rereading some now has been interesting.  I see the writer I've become (am becoming) in those stories. I hope that readers enjoy these blasts from the past!

On Thursday, even more older books are coming out.  Harlequin is rereleasing most of my Perry Square series as eBooks.  These stories were set around a real park in downtown.  I've set most of my books in and around Erie, but the Perry Square series is unique because I set it on a real downtown park.  Oh, I include real Erie landmarks in other books, but being set on the Square made this series unique.  I put together a tour of the real Square.  If you ever visit Erie, you'll definitely want to visit it, until then, come with me...

A Perry Square Visit:

Perry Square is a real two block park in Erie, Pa. It's named after Oliver Hazard Perry, made famous during the Battle of Lake Erie. There's a statue of him in the park.

Here is just a beautiful autumn shot of the park.

The real Perry Square is surrounded by businesses. In my Perry Square books I've added fictional businesses such as Snips and Snaps Beauty Salon, By Design, The Chocolate Bar, a law firm and a eye doctor's office. This isn't any reflection on the very lovely stores that really make up the square. If you're ever in Erie, I hope you stop by and visit them. In the meantime, I hope you'll read about my fictional ones! 

If you go a few blocks down from Perry Square, you'll reach our bayfront. In my books I take you there a lot. Characters go visit the tower. And they've even taken dinner cruises. 

A view of Presque Isle Peninsula from the tower.

A view up State Street from the tower. Perry Square is about five blocks straight ahead!

Finally, see the little stack in the background? That's ourMaritime Museum and the Blasco Library!

These three beach shots were taken August '03. That's me...and the sunsets. Truly, the sunsets are Erie at its best!

Once Upon a Prince spend a lot of time on the Bayfront. Shey and Tanner go to the Blasco library (2, 3), which is next to the Maritime Museum (1) and the Brig Niagara (4).


Finally, Shey and Tanner head off to Liberty Park's Ampitheater and watch a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. 

Notice the great views!!

I write a lot about the beauty of Erie. I hope, through my books, you learn to love my favorite city as much as I do! 



Liz Flaherty said...

Love the pictures, Holly, and seeing Erie through your eyes.

HollyJacobs said...

Liz, Thanks! They're older pictures, but I always loved them. Erie really is a beautiful town and I love showcasing its attractions!