Monday, October 21, 2013

Rachel Bailey: Wish Upon A Star

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Wished upon one?

I’ve seen one a few times, but each time I’ve been so caught up in moving to see it more clearly, or deciding if it really was a shooting star, I haven’t thought to make a wish. And the ones I’ve seen have been so quick – one second they’re there, leaving a little trail, and the next they’re gone.

Wikipedia tells me that, “Shooting star is a common name for the visible path of a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere, becoming a meteor.” Which doesn’t sound particularly magical or romantic, does it? But I’m still keen to do a bit of shooting star-watching.

If you’re keen to catch a shooting star, or at least to see one, here’s some advice from NASA – keep an eye out during a meteor shower.

"Usually, the first couple of nights of a meteor shower have light activity," said Yeomans. "Then, the number of meteors can increase dramatically as Earth approaches the densest portion of the stream. After peaking for anywhere from a few hours to a few nights, it decreases back down to a level where you couldn't distinguish it from a normal night's meteor activity.
Good advice – I’m going to keep an eye out for news of a meteor shower, and this time I’ll be ready to make a wish!

Of course, in a book I have a bit more time to think about reactions so in Countering His Claim, when Luke and Della see a shooting star one night from the top deck of a cruise ship, here’s what happened:

He looked up to the stars and a flash of movement caught his attention. Within an instant he was beside Della, one arm around her waist, pointing skywards. “Shooting star.”
“Oh,” she said on a long breath, her gaze following his finger.
The feel of her against him was mesmerizing. Absorbed in the moment, she’d forgotten to be on her guard and allowed her soft curves to meld into his side, her head resting back on his shoulder as she tracked the star’s path.
“Make a wish,” he murmured beside her ear.
A kiss. In this moment, all he wanted was to turn her to face him, to lean down and touch her sweet lips with his. It was wrong, he knew it was wrong, but the blood in his veins thundered and a delicious heat began to rise.
The star faded and the night sky again grew still, the only movement the ship’s steady forward progress and the gentle breeze that danced in Della’s hair. But she didn’t move away. Part of him dared not move and break the spell, but the larger, rebellious part of him—surrounded by the scent of vanilla and woman—risked inclining his head down to hers, and was rewarded when she shivered.
“Like to know what I wished for?” he said, voice low.
Her eyes drifted shut. “You’re not supposed to tell. It won’t come true if you do.”
“Maybe,” he said, his mouth so close to her ear that his lips brushed her lobe as he spoke. “But if you knew what the wish was, perhaps you’d grant it.”

I though asking for a kiss from the person you were madly attracted to was a great use for a wish. J

I’d love to know if you’ve ever seen a shooting star, and if so, have you been clever enough to make a wish? If you haven’t, what would you wish for if you had the chance? I’ve got a copy of Countering His Claim here for one person who leaves a comment.

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Never be distracted by a woman is hotel magnate Luke Marlow's golden rule, especially when the woman just inherited half his late uncle's luxury cruise liner. But ship's doctor Della Walsh is the exception. Her dignified beauty ignites Luke's desire despite his suspicions. Even so, he will gain full control of the ship at all costs. 
For Della, the ship has been a sanctuary. Now she has just three weeks to change Luke's mind and save the ship—until passion comes along and steers them off course….

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Pat Cochran said...

I've seen a few "shooting stars" in my long life, but they are
always gone so quickly! There was no time for wishes, but
I went ahead and made a wish anyway! Have no idea whe-
ther they came true or not!

Linda Henderson said...

I can't remember ever seeing a shooting star but if I did see one I'd wish for .y granddaughter's health to improve. I'd love for her to be able to do without her trach.

Rachel Bailey said...

Pat, I'm glad to hear it's not just me who has no time for wishes! But I think a wish just after seeing one is still a perfectly acceptable 'wish upon a star'. I'll do that next time.

Rachel Bailey said...

Linda, that's a beautiful thing to wish for. If I see another one, I'll wish for that too!

Mary Preston said...

I've seen a couple of shooting stars, but a very long time ago. I can remember not knowing what to wish for & then the moment passed. I think that probably reflects on the great childhood I had.

Rachel Bailey said...

Mary, what a lovely way to think of it! Perhaps that's the reason I couldn't think of a wish in time either. :)

Laney4 said...

I must spend too much time indoors at that time of night - or else I'm playing badminton indoors (often five nights a week).
The only shooting stars I see are actors like Clint Eastwood, Will Smith, and my boy toys on NCIS!

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you. She goes to Children's Mercy in KC tomorrow for evaluation and we are hoping for the best. Last time the news was not good so we're hoping for better this time.

Rachel Bailey said...

Lol, Laney, I'd never thought of the words like that - clever!

You play badminton five nights a week? That's so cool. I've never played it at all, but it looks fun.

Rachel Bailey said...

Thinking positive thoughts for her appointment tomorrow, Linda.

Lory Lee said...

I've seen a couple of shooting stars in my life and made wishes every time. They say that if you see one, put your hand/s in your pocket, close your eyes and make a wish. It has to be fast tough because it passes by so quickly.

Rachel Bailey said...

Lory, I haven't heard about putting your hands in your pockets while you make the wish before. I'll make sure I do that next time I see one - thanks!

Eli Yanti said...

never see shooting stars before but if i see it i wish i could turn back time and make all perfect, just wish it