Monday, October 14, 2013

Maisey Yates: The Gap in the Year

Hi again everyone!

So, this is the gap in the year when I book out! :) But that doesn’t mean I’m not working.

Sometimes I get asked how many hours a day I write, and I usually respond with: I’m a full time writer. (which me...that strictly speaking I write five days a week from 9-5) However, that’s not entirely true! Because writing the books is only a part of being a published author.

I’ll share with you all a little about my schedule over the past two weeks.

I was working on another Presents (a sheikh! yay!) and trying to get the manuscript to my editor by the first week of October. Then I got revisions for my upcoming Cosmo Red-Hot Read. Not major, but some changes needed to be made.

Yes, when you finish a book and send it’s still not done. ;)

I almost always have revisions for my books. Though I complain to my editor when I get them (she’ll tell you!) I really do consider them an essential part of the process. It’s my opportunity to take her insight and make the book the BEST I can make it.

Then later that same Monday I got revisions from my other publisher for my 3rd Silver Creek book. (Thankfully also not major! But that took up the rest of the week. Poor languishing sheikh book!)

Then I spent a few more days working on the Presents. Then the next Monday I got final tweaks on another Harlequin project, finished it, sent it back and then...

Finally got to finish my sheikh!! I sent that in to my editor at the end of last week and then...

I got edits from my other publisher for my 2nd Silver Creek book. This book had already been revised, but in this stage it’s been read over and corrected by the copy editor, with notes for inconsistencies, convoluted sentences, missing words and things that I just plain wrote wrong. (It’s sumbitch, not son bitch, I did not know that!)

Next week, I have to get a start on my second Cosmo Red-Hot Read. And who knows what else might land in my inbox! So that’s just a taste of what all goes into the writing process.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!


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