Sunday, October 13, 2013

A New Kind of Mystery—Fluffy


After more than fifty romances, I'm writing a new series...a mystery series.  I went to a conference yesterday and a group of us were talking about it. Let's face it, my writing is on the sweeter side of things.  Some of my romance is drama, some just sweet romance and some falls on the comedy side of things.  My mysteries fall in that sweet-comedy category.  The Pennwriters decided my funny, sweet mysteries weren't exactly cozy mysteries...they were fluffy.  Yes, I write Fluffy Mysteries.  I'm starting a new trend!

It was a fun day. I mean, any time you get a bunch of writers together there tends to be a lot of fun!  And I found out I write a whole new type of mystery!

So, Holly, what makes a Fluffy Mystery, you ask?

They center around Quincy Mac.  She's the single mother of three who went to Hollywood with stars in her eyes and instead of stardom, she became maid.  In STEAMED; A MAID IN LA MYSTERY she accidentally cleaned...a murder scene.  She needs to find out who dunnit so she doesn't end up in jail for a crime she didn't commit...only cleaned. 

The second book, DUSTED: A MAID IN LA MYSTERY came out in September.  Quincy Mac is at it again.  This time she's got to find out who's been replacing her clients' works of art with forgeries in order to save her business...and she has to survive wearing a pumpkin orange dress to Tiny's wedding!

SPRUCED UP: A Maid in LA Christmas Novella will be out in November.  Quincy's heading home to Erie, PA for Christmas...and her mom has an early present for her.  A third mystery!

Dusted.jpgI love writing Quincy.  I can identify with her.  She has three boys who eat all the food and rarely pick up after themselves.  She has to deal with a very different family (not that I'm saying my family is different...uh, I might not be saying that but that doesn't mean they're normal!).  She's a good friend.  She's independent and successful.  She has a good sense of humor about life.  I think she's a perfect first heroine for the Fluffy Mystery genre.

So, with Quincy, I've got those Fluffy Mysteries off to a three book start.  They are so much fun to write.  I hope readers enjoy reading them as much!

Oh, I still write heavier books.  My December release, A Valley Ridge Christmas, deals with the topic of homelessness.  And while I think it's a very feel-good story, but it's probably not overly fluffy.  

Happy Columbus Day here in the US and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!



Pat Cochran said...

Never heard of fluffy mysteries, so you certainly must
be starting a new genre! I'll certainly be reading this series!
Good luck with the Quincy Mac books and all its followers!

Pat C.

HollyJacobs said...

Pat, Yeah, that was the name the conference gave them. I write very G rated books. Even though Quincy's solving a mystery in the first one, there are no graphic descriptions. They liked "fluffy." LOL

And thank you! Quincy's doing well so far and most readers seem to enjoy her!


Beautiful Disaster said...

I like it..."fluffy." There's nothing wrong with G rated. Infact sometimes I wish authors would be a little less descriptive especially with the love scenes. I don't like a lot of cussing throughout either. Some I've read lately have several in one sentence and it makes it difficult to read :)

HollyJacobs said...

Lori, I'm glad you enjoy "fluffy." LOL I've heard from a lot of readers who prefer PG/G rated books. Thank you!