Saturday, June 08, 2013

Freebie Friday!

Summer has taken a long time to reach us in the UK. We’ve had the coldest May for 50 years. But the sun has been shining for four days in a row and the dh – catching up in the garden — has “caught” the sun. 

In the spirit of the season — and aware that everyone needs something fun and flirty to read when they’re lying in a shady spot, something long and cool within easy reach — I’ve set Eloping With Emmy free this weekend.

It’s yours for a click of the mouse to download from Amazon (wherever you are in the world!) right now and until Tuesday 11th June.

Emmy and Brodie each have a clear cut goal in mind — she has a stated objective; he’s determined to thwart it. She’s smart, but he’s smarter – and having made the mistake of aiding her getaway, he’s not about to repeat his error. There is the added problem that Emmy is deeply attracted to Brodie. This is particularly awkward as she’s supposed to eloping with someone else. A someone else she has to convince Brodie she’s determined to marry.

Eloping With Emmy is a classic road trip romcom and as I was writing it, the chase across England and France played out like a movie in my head. Actually, if tbere's anyone out there who would like to turn it into a movie I own all the rights so do get in touch! Any ideas who should play the lead parts (and links to gorgeous blokes and lively women) gratefully received. J

There’s a taster on my website

Meanwhile, here are the links – just one click and the book will be on your reading device before you can say Jack Robinson. Don’t keep the news to yourself. Emmy is counting on you tweeting about her, sharing the news on Facebook, or just about anywhere to be honest.

Also available in English here - 


What people are saying about Eloping With Emmy ...

"I caught myself thinking half way through the book this is like a madcap comedy with Cary Grant in the lead... only to have the hero think the exact same thing within the next 2 pages. One for the keeper shelf."   5 stars, Amazon Review

"Wow!  The story was so well written, the characters came alive and everyone knows an "Emmy". The twists were well planned and the dialogue vibrant and cleverly written.  Highly recommended, it's one of the best books I've read in a long time."  Smashwords, janebaylis1979

"...non-stop action with dynamic scenes and vivid characterization."  Romantic Times

I've been a Liz Fielding fan for years now and she never disappoints. Eloping with Emmy has all her trademark wit and original plotlines and it fizzes along like a vintage 50s rom com yet - has an undercurrent of heartfelt emotion.  5 stars, Amazon Review


Lory Lee said...

Wow, so excited to read this one! Just done with Anything but Vanilla and I super loved it! Also posted a review at Goodreads. My first review! :)

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks so much, Lory! Reviews are gold, so much appreciated. :) Hope you enjoy Emmy.

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, just love the quote you used, Lory! Thank you. :)