Monday, June 10, 2013

Anne McAllister: Family Reunions

When you have a family the size of ours and as spread out as ours is now – with groups in Texas and Montana (times two) and Iowa (times two), the chances of them all getting together are limited, generally to, well, weddings.
And the last wedding was seven years ago.
Finally, this year, we decided it was time to have a ‘family reunion.’  In the interest of making sure as many got there as possible, we picked a place in Minnesota which is within a two day drive or a single flight (non-stop if desired) for anyone concerned. That meant – nonstops to Minneapolis and a reasonable quick drive from there. A kid-friendly place where there was fishing and swimming and golfing and generally hanging around with no pressure (oh, and some said, a bit of ‘shopping’ wouldn’t be bad, either.
We found several options, picked one.
And here we are!
Minus one – the oldest grandson who is playing baseball in North Carolina and living right on the beach this summer. (Hard to convince yourself he should give that up for a week with us). 
So, this will be short because there are nine adults and ten kids clamoring for attention. There’s a shopping expedition heading out in a little while, and a couple of boys playing with remote control cars under my feet, and two more who want to go fishing and a little girl who needs to tell me all about going to the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead and museum in DeSmet, South Dakota yesterday.
So, forgive me for saying I need to go pay attention to them. I’ll be back next month and give you a full report.


Pat Cochran said...

Sounds like a busy, fun-filled time
for everyone! Will be looking for-
ward to next month!!

Pat C.

Di said...

So important to make that time to all get together. When I was a kid most of the family lived within an hour of each other, but now we're spread across the country.

Mary Preston said...

There are so many of us when we get together. Enough to populate a small country. Fun though!!