Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boone Brux: Skin Deep

I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve been asked or thought about the question ‘If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?’

It’s a question that boggles my mind. Of course my first thought is instantly about my weight. I’m a fluffy girl and the thought of never having to watch what I eat gives me the same rush I get when I’m in a craft store. So many choices. On the other hand the thought of not having to watch what I eat scares the crap out of me. The sheer fact that I have a bit of girth is the same reason I try and eat healthy. If I could eat a box of glazed donuts and not gain a pound, I’d probably be dead in two years from clogged arteries.

Next idea is firmer boobs. Wow, no need for a Wonderbra, Boob Glue, or no-stretch straps. But then I wonder, wouldn’t that look weird when I’m eighty-six? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but geriatric boobs should show a little sag. It’s like putting the front end of a Jaguar on the back end of an old station wagon. I could hear the comments now. “Nice headlights, but the back end needs some serious body work.

So many choices. A smaller butt ? Then my thighs would look huge. Shapelier calves, smaller feet, blue eyes, straighter teeth, thicker hair. Who can decide?

Nikki, my heroine in Suddenly Beautiful was lucky enough not to have to. For six years she’s been hiding her beauty under sensible jackets and no-nonsense hairstyles. Thanks to a night of sweet lovin’ with her billionaire boss, Nikki’s demi-goddess mojo kicks in. One of the perks? Head-turning beauty.

It would have been easy to go overboard with her looks. We’re talking Greek gods and goddesses after all. But no, I stayed away from the glowing eyes or hair that sparkled like diamonds and simply wrote more of what she already had.

So since I’m not Nikki, or a demi-goddess, and if I had to pick one thing I would physically change, it would be to have flawless skin. Weight I can lose. Boobs I can buy, but these crow’s feet and sun damage are really cramping my mojo.

So how about you? Tell me what’s the one thing you would physically change about yourself, because we already know you’re wonderful inside, for the chance to win an e-copy of Suddenly Beautiful.

The contest will run for a week, so you have plenty of time to wow me with your answers.

Thanks so much for stopping in and remember, beauty is skin deep, but goddess is to the bone.

Happy Reading!


Blurb for Suddenly Beautiful:
Being the son of Aphrodite isn’t a walk in the clouds. Rebelling against his demi-god status, billionaire make-up mogul Toraos Stephanos fights to separate his personal life and the immortal world by swearing off demi-god girlfriends forever. Too bad his newest employee can't take the hint.

Though Nikki secretly pines for her smoking hot boss, no way will she jeopardize her job and independence professing her love to a guy so clearly out of her league. Too bad that leaves her with only imagining him naked and thinking evil thoughts about the new girl. 

After a single bottle of Ambrosia and one night of passion... Nikki finally thinks she has a chance with the man of her dreams. But the next morning, Tor pretends like nothing happened, leaving Nikki with an emerging drive for combat—after all, turns out she is the daughter of Ares and she's about to make her mama proud.

All is fair in love and war... and Nikki's not about to let anyone forget it.

Boone Brux is the author of several books ranging from high fantasy to humorous paranormal.

A former nanny, Boone has lived all over the world, finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, where she writes full time. Always looking for the next adventure, it’s not unusual to find her traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.


Boone Brux said...

Thanks so much for having me. Boone

Connie said...

At the age of 67, I would like to lose a bit of weight. For the first time in my life, I’m overweight. Several years ago, my thyroid decided to go belly up and no matter what I eat, how much I exercise or keep an eye on my thyroid readings, it’s the same. However, I am happy and I so far, I continue to wake up on the dirt every day. So be it. I’m content and that’s all that really counts. :-)

erin said...

Thanks Boone for the great post! Wow... you are absolutely right... I would automatically pick all of the things that you did and like you mentioned, would come to regret later in life. I think that I'd also pick flawless skin... I have a few scars from being a tomboy in childhood and then having a serious medical condition, so getting rid of those would be awesome. Or I'd pick being just 2-3 inches taller. I'm only 5' and 1.5" tall so I'm very aware of how just a few inches would drastically change my life (no more petite pants! no more climbing store shelves to reach top shelf stuff!)

Congrats on the new book! It's definitely going on the top of my wishlist :)

Martha Lawson said...

The book sounds awesome, I love reading about gods and goddesses!! Like you I would go for flawless skin and bigger eyes, mine are really small. Thanks for the chance, putting it on the wishlist in case I don't win.

mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

Pat Cochran said...

I would hope to continue my weight loss
plan. It has taken five plus years but
thus far I've lost 60 pounds. My goal is
to lose another 20 to 30 pounds. Here's
hoping it happens, if not I'll still be
proud of the loss I've maintained thus far.

Pat C.