Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why I love a warrior hero By Michelle Styles

From paranormal to historical and contemporary, there is just something about a warrior. And for me as well enjoying reading about them, there is just something extra special about writing a warrior hero. I love exploring his possibilities and depths.

So what is it  a warrior that appeals?

A warrior is the ultimate alpha hero.  He is not a savage or a brute but someone who knows both sides of human behaviour.

He is someone who can be very dangerous and more than a bit untamed. He has been in life- threatening situations and is not afraid to kill. Far from being an indiscriminate psychopath who takes pleasure in killing or hurting people, he has a code and only fights when necessary.   He also knows the cost of killing.  He is someone who will have lost people close to him because it is the nature of his job.

He has a strong streak of loyalty. He may fight for his country or cause but ultimately he fights for his friends. And those bonds are strong. His fellow warriors become his brothers. And those he loves and cares about, he is willing to fight for.  He will put himself in danger for those he loves. He knows how to lead but he is also not afraid to follow.

He has a strong protective streak as he seen the cost of failure. He seeks to shield people from danger rather than putting them into danger. This will often cause conflict with the heroine as she will be strong willed and utterly determined. A strong hero requires an even stronger heroine so the sparks can really fly!

It also helps that because he is a warrior, he will be in great physical shape as he has to make sure that he protect and defend.  But he can carry both physical and mental scars from the battles he has fought. Often times he has to learn to trust women again or to be able to re-enter civilised society rather than existing on a war footing all the time.

My next Viking will be out in November 2013  Paying the Viking’s Price  and is about an Anglo Saxon lady who has to become a Viking warrior’s concubine in order to protect her people.  I have two other Vikings in the works, including the one which I am currently revising.  Warriors are just really fun to write about and to read about. I hope other people agree.
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Yay, Warriors! They make great reading!

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