Saturday, April 06, 2013

Linda Poitevin: Those Sexy, Sexy Angels

Over the past few years, I’ve often heard (or read) that angels are the new vampire in fiction. Whether or not this is true (die-hard vampire fans would disagree, I’m sure!), there is no mistaking the recent proliferation of angels on bookstore shelves and in e-readers. On Amazon alone, a recent search for ‘angels’ in fiction returned 17,518 titles – not that very short of the 20,890 results for ‘vampires’.

So what is it about angels that appeals to us so much? Given the majority of covers that sport incredibly attractive (usually male) winged beings, if you guessed sex appeal, you wouldn’t be far off the mark. But I think it’s more than that. After all, take off the wings and add fangs or fur and, presto change-o, you still have a really hot guy (or girl), just in another form.

In my opinion, two things set angels apart from other supernatural beings:

1.       Power – Mythologically speaking, vampires, werewolves and such are certainly powerful, but none of them hold a candle to an angel who has the power, really, of heaven itself. Nothing is quite as attractive – or as dangerous – as virtually unlimited power. And really, who among us doesn’t like to dabble (fictionally, of course!) in a little danger now and then?

2.       Divine mystique – There is a sense that angels are – at least by human standards – are pretty much pure, untainted, and even infallible (unless, of course, we’re talking about the fallen variety). There’s a certain allure in the idea of interacting with such heavenly beings – an awe, if you will – that is both humbling and exciting at the same time. At the same time, there’s an even deeper fascination if flaws emerge, leaving us to wonder will he? Won’t he?

To me, the television show Supernatural’s  Castiel is the epitome of this kind of sexy. Dark, dangerous, irrefutably flawed, incredibly powerful, and with that whole bad-boy warrior thing going on, you can’t help but sit up and pay a little closer attention when he’s onscreen. The angels in my Grigori Legacy series are very much like this, too: warriors, very nearly all powerful, honorable but deeply flawed...

Combine all that with a near-perfect physique and oh, yeah – definitely hot. J

Now it’s your turn! Tell me why you think angels are so sexy, and one lucky commenter (randomly chosen) will win a signed copy of their choice of Sins of the Angels or Sins of the Son, the first two books in the Grigori Legacy series. (Draw to be held at midnight on Friday, April 12, 2013, open internationally.)

Linda Poitevin is the author of the dark urban fantasy Grigori Legacy series, where angel mythology meets police procedural in a thrilling supernatural bid to stop Armageddon. Book three in the series, Sins of the Lost, will be released in October. To find out more about her books (including excerpts), check out her website at You can also find her on Twitter (, Facebook (, and Goodreads (


Mary Kirkland said...

I am a die hard Vampire fan, but I have to say I love all the Angels coming out in the books. Especially the bad boy angels that have a streak of naughty in them. Now if we could just get a Vampire/angel hybrid..I would be a very happy girl. lol

Dark Thoughts Blog

Lory Lee said...

Oh yeah, I love Castiel too. When Angels do something "bad", it's the time they get so interesting. I love it when they are torn between doing what they were supposed to do over what they want to do.

Aly said...

I love angel books, but I haven't found any that come up to Nalini Singh's standards so, in a way, I kind of gave up on them. All those I try just don't compare...

Eli Yanti said...

sometimes being a good guys especially doing good thing (even if only simple thing) is sexy, and I think good guys seems like an angel that's why angel is sexy :D

Mary Preston said...

Castiel is who & what I think of first when I think of Angels. He's just delicious. I love the righteousness & power of Angels.

Pat Cochran said...

I've not really read many "angel" books,
I have a Nalini Singh on my Mount TBR
which is coming up to the top soon. I
look forward to reading it!

Pat C.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a combination of Lore (things that like to sit in our imaginations and stew for long periods), Forbidden Fruit (because bad boys, or good ones, that go out of their way to be a dream come true? Yum), and Flight (because almost all humans seem to have this dream of flying, at least at one point or another).

Personally, I like anything well written, I'm not picky! Angel, Vampire, or otherwise.

Ren said...

For me, it's so simple. They can flying. Men with wings in my little Paranormal Fantasy world is top of the chart compare to men with fangs and furs ;)

Beside the lore, I like their strict personality and the possibility to be good or bad, or either.

Ashley S said...

I want both books? If I win can I chooae both? Or does it HAVE to be only one? And why are you like the only one that can make Angels sound damn hot, Linda? I don't wanna abandon my hot vampires! Waaahhhh! :'(

Ok you convinced me, hot muscly bad boy streaked dudes with wings is hot *pictures them all as Kellan Lutz* indeed!


Please note men with fur rate as low on the hot scale as men zomboids.....just sayin....

Also...Linda, I hear your a pretty godd writer...that thing you been working on... magnific! Lol!

mmarsh said...

Angels are hot bc they are supposed to be perfect. Someone ugly can't be an Angel bc they wouldn't be considered perfect. Plus they can fly and some of them have big ass swords and all that fun stuff.

Heart of Autumn said...

Tossing my name into the ring. I think angels, besides being quite sexy, can show a huge depth of character. Especially when we find out they're not as perfect as we think they should be.

Ironically, my current work in progress is an angel story, so this topic is quite close to my heart right now.