Friday, April 05, 2013

C J Carmichael: Six Degrees of Separation

I’ll bet you’ve heard of Six Degrees of Separation (otherwise known as six degrees of Kevin Bacon) – the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away by introduction.

I believe that through books we’re separated by even less than 6 steps. People who love books tend to spread the word when they’ve read something they’ve enjoyed. That’s one of the pleasures of reading—it may be a solitary act, but it becomes a shared experience when we discuss that book with others.

Think about meeting someone new, say at a friend’s house party. As you chat away, you find out you’ve both recently read and loved the same book—a bond is formed. How many of your closest friends love reading? I bet many do. Because people who love books tend to enjoy other people who love books.
When Lee invited me to write something for this blog, I thought about all the readers who follow her blog. And I wondered what all of you were reading. And then I had a hunch…if I shared the last six books I’d read, how many of you might have read one of the same books?

I’d love it if you humored me and let me know if you’ve read any of the following. I’ll be choosing a random respondent to receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate. (Which you  can use to buy one of the following, if you wish!)

The Last Six Books I’ve Read Are:

I powered through this book in just a few days. I really enjoy family sagas and this is part of a series that really hooks you in with the complicated emotional dynamics of the Brennan sisters.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book as hot and sexy as this one! What drew me to this story was the fact that it’s interactive—you, the reader get to decide what the main character should do at the final turning point of the story.

This is the book that I’m currently reading, so I can’t provide any overall comments. I can say, however, that it a painful book for a person on a gluten-free diet to read (the main character is a baker and the description of the various specialty breads are mouth-watering).

I am cautious about reading stories involving missing children—they can be too painful at times. But this page turner handles the subject well.

I read the first book in this series about Thomas Cromwell because it won the Booker Prize and it seemed all the book critics were talking about it. I found it a lot of work to read, but this second book was much more assessable and I devoured it in less than a week. Mantel is an amazing writer.

Okay, I’m blushing now as I blatantly  include my  own book in this list. Her Cowboy Dilemma is the second installment in my Coffee Creek Montana series—and it’s in book stores this April. If you enjoy small town romances, especially involving cowboys and ranchers—I’m betting you’ll enjoy this one!


Mary Kirkland said...
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Mary Kirkland said...

I have not read any of these books as of yet, but now I have more books to add to my wish list.

Mary Preston said...

I haven't read any of these books yet, but always happy to add to my ridiculously long wish list.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Include me with those above in not having read any of those yet, however...yet more for me to anticipate!! Thanks!

Laurie G said...

Lets see, I've only read other books of yours and Jane Porter.

I've read chapters of a book by Jodi Picoult but DNF her book.

I've never heard of Holmes, St Denis or Mantel's books.

I do want to read your book and Jane Porter's book.

petite said...

I have read your books. I read Jane Porter's books. I read this new one by Jodi Picoult. I read Hilary Mantel's books. Thanks for this giveaway.

traveler said...

I like your choice since they echo mine. I read other books that you wrote and also others by Jane Porter. I just finished the Jodi Picoult novel. Mantel I don't read and haven't read Holmes either.

CJ Carmichael said...

Wow, it's nice to hear that so many of you have read my books--thank you! I realize it's quite an eclectic selection up there. But it's nice to know that about half of us have at least one book in common. I bet we'd have lots of fun chatting at a cocktail party!

Anyone else want to share....?

Pat Cochran said...

I haven't read any of the books you listed.
I have read several of your and Jane Porter's
other books. I am at present reading Jane's
The Fallen Greek Bride.

Pat C.

WK said...

Humm this is interesting. I Have some of the books in my TBR pile. Won't say which ones. LOL

I have a question, so you've read these, now based on what you've read, what do you plan to read next that is similar to what you've read? Meaning after reading Sex,Spies and Photographs what will you read next? The next one in the series?


runner10 said...

I've read The Good Daughter. Loved it!!

erin said...

Nope... haven't read any of those but I'm definitely going to be checking them out ;) Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

Kimberlyindy said...

I have read The Good Daughter, which is one of my favorite Jane Porter books. I had been thinking about the Jodi Picoult to my TBR pile. I will definitely read your newest one!

Aly said...

I've tried some Jane Porter books, thanks for the giveaway

Chrisbails said...

I have not read any of these books, but have read other books by Jodi Picoult. I definitely want to read the Jane Porter book and also the Darie St Denies book.

Eli Yanti said...

I really want the good daughter :)

Shannon Bereza said...

I preordered The Good Daughter because Jane Porter is one of my fave authors, but I sadly have not had enough time to read it since it was released. I am also a big Jodi Picoult fan, but haven't read that one yet. As for the others I haven't heard of two of them, but I will be checking them out. I also want to read Her Cowboy Dilemma because.... Well just look at the cover. sbereza22(at)gmail(dot)com

Jo's Daughter said...

I have not read these titles, but I did read other books by Jane and Jodi. Some of these look good though :) Including yours.

CJ Carmichael said...

thanks to everyone who participated. It's nice to know so many of us read the same books!

The winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Certificate is Pat Cochran!