Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Faith Hunter: Writers Are Always Writing

Hi. I’m Faith Hunter, writer of the Jane Yellowrock series. Jane is a Cherokee skinwalker who hunts vampires when they go full-on predator and start draining humans.

My talk today is about what I like to do when I’m not writing. Not that I am ever not writing, because, there’s always something going on in the back of my brain, some dialogue, plot resolution, something. Seriously. It’s a bit like having an evil twin inside, urging you to hurt, maim, torture, and kill people—er—characters. Yeah. Not real people. Assuming that writers’ characters are not real. Which they are. Totally. Or mine are. Jane is alive and breathing inside my head, ticked off today. She had a bad night when Leo Pellissier, the master of the city of New Orleans … Wait. That’s a subject for the next book—Blood Trade, out in April 2012. See? Most writers have a hard time turning it off. But I think I better stop this subject and get onto today’s subject—things I like to do when I am not writing.

I like orchids, bones, stones, making jewelry, and tea. Today’s offering, still steeping, is raspberry honey, a new flavored black, and the smell alone is making me lust for the first sip—like a first kiss, you know? The anticipation is wonderful!

Jane likes tea, so this is both lust and research. And we are back to that little nugget of truth. Writers are always writing.

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Lory Lee said...

Hello Faith! And hi to Jane Yellowrock too. I'm excited to read her adventures. :D

mudepoz said...

I bet it's ruff, erm, I mean rough when Beast argues with you.
Just sayin' . I mean, claws and all that.

Pat Cochran said...

Very interesting! All this cranial activity
would cause me to have a severely serious
headache! And cause me to have a beverage
slightly stronger than tea!

Pat C.