Sunday, October 28, 2012

Present Time Already?! by Natalie Anderson

Christmas Bauble byJannoon028,
I don't know about your part of the world, but where I am the Christmas stuff is already everywhere in the stores. The advent calendars have been in the supermarkets for a while (that chocolate is going to be OLD come December, right?). Now I'm a Christmas fan - I love the decorations and the festive atmosphere and every year I tell myself I'm going to get organised. But every year it happens the same--frantic trips to an insanely chaotic mall on Christmas Eve for those last minute, mad purchases.
But still, I'm going to TRY again this year to make it that bit smoother. I've already got a Christmas card list going (aiming to send them by the end of November) and I'm planning the kid's things - but really, it's slow going.
In New Zealand it is Spring and that means it's A&P season (Agricultural and Pastoral fairs) - we're talking sheep and cow judging and horse events, Highland Dancing, Ghost Train rides and Ferris Wheels. Not to mention Candy Floss (I think you guys might call that 'cotton candy'). It's a lot of fun. I've been to two shows in the last week - one a traditional A&P show and one a 'Christmas Country Fete' - it was pretty posh and the purpose of the fete is to enable you to 'do all your Christmas shopping in one day' - it's on a school day so there are no kids hanging about and there isn't a Ferris Wheel. It was a gorgeous Fete - fabulous produce and artisan products. I found myself a lovely skirt and some delicious Turkish Delight--but I didn't buy any Christmas presents for anyone else! I think I'm going to have to try a little harder really!!!

So what about you - have you started writing Christmas cards already? Are you one of those incredibly organised people who got all the Christmas presents in the mid-year sales!? If you have any great tips on getting ready for the fun season - please do share them!

And don't forget to pick up a present for yourself from Amazon right now - my novella BARGAIN IN BRONZE (the first of the FLIRTING TO WIN trilogy) is available for free there right now!

Happy Christmas planning!!!

Best wishes,


Liz Fielding said...

The seamlessly smooth Christmas - that would be like the book that writes itself? :)

Kathleen O'Donnell said...

It's a little early for me to be thinking of Christmas. Here in Canada we have to get through Halloween first, which come up this Wednesday October 31st. I am not sure if you celebrate this in New Zealand. It is where the kids dress up in costums and go door to door and get candy. They shout out the works " Trick or Treat". I am not sure where this saying came from, i just know that we have been doing it for many years here and it the US. I love to see the little kids all dressed up and shy asking for the candy. Then of course, Christmas can get a glimer of a thought. I don't have any children of my own, but I have lots of Nieces and Nephews who like to come to my house and congregate for an evening before Christmas and we have a pizza party and go to see out local Sparkle in the Park. I look forward to this each year..

Annie West said...

Natalie, good luck with the plans for a hassle free Christmas with everything organised in advance. It's good to have a plan...

Pat Cochran said...

It just wouldn't be a proper Christmas without
a mad dash or two!

Pat C.

Eli Yanti said...

I don't celebrate christmas, but i'm sure everyone already busy to buy every chirstmas stuff this month :)

Mary Preston said...

I shop all year long for gifts. It's a relaxing exercise that way.

Lory Lee said...

I've just started planning writing a list last month, and I'm planning to buy all of them this month. I hope I can accomplish it. (Fingers crossed)