Thursday, October 25, 2012

News from Sandra Marton

People disagree on lots of things. Politics. Religion. The weather.  But there are some things many of us can agree on,  especially those of us who are women.

Chocolate is good.  So are expensive (sigh) shoes.  Dieting sucks.  Bad hair days are pure misery.

As for men… Brad Pitt is gorgeous. Remember the first time you saw him, in Thelma and Louise? Mmm mmm mmm, what a sight. Nacho Rodriques is spectacular.  Those Polo ads stop me every time, and not because I'm a fan of Polo or of polo, for that matter.  It's the guy that does it.

 And Alpha heroes are… can you say 'addictive'?  Scientific surveys say that 99.9%  of us prefer our romance heroes to be Alphas.

Okay. Sorry.   I made that up. The scientific survey part—but judging by the readers who email me, the fans who talk to me at conferences, the writers I know, the second part of that statement is absolutely true. 

Alpha heroes are sexy and exciting, and the strong, independent-minded women who steal their hearts are the women we would surely be if it we could just stop working and taking care of our kids and cleaning the house long enough to escape  the pressures of our everyday lives.

I almost always have an Alpha hero  in my head.  If I weren't a writer, that might be a bad thing but  I am  a writer, so this is a good thing… unless more than one such guy takes up residence at the same time.  What do you do then?  Here are your choices.   You (a) check yourself into a quiet place for a much-needed rest, or (b) you write the story each of them wants to tell.

I don't have the time or inclination to hang out in a quiet place, so I decided to go with choice (b).

In other words,  I thought of four sexy heroes… and decided to write all four of their stories.  Jacob, Caleb and Travis Wilde are brothers;  Sheikh Khan of Altara is their pal.  And, over the next few months, you're going to meet them all.

Khan's story is first, and will be available in early November.   I admit, I love sheikh fantasies, as a writer and as a reader, and my guy this time is… well, the title of my book is THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE, and that pretty much says it all.  Khan  is  powerful, wealthy, exciting and ohmygod sexy!  He's not interested in a serious relationship. Women? Yes. Settling down? No.  Not until he must take a wife, and he will, eventually, because it will be his duty.  Right now, Khan had time only for  the difficult task of taking his ancient kingdom out of the past and into the 21st century.  In fact, that's why he's in Dallas..   He's there on business and it's at a business event that he meets Laurel Cruz.

Well, not quite.

He doesn't so much meet Laurel as he is confronted by her.   Unlike other women, Laurel doesn't see Khan as sexy. She sees him as a  cold-hearted dictator but then, Laurel's life has given her a cause: the  protection of women from male domination.  The problem? Khan's kind of 'domination'  is hot, sexy and dangerous…  and before either of them is ready for it, the anger between them t turns to flame.

My second November release is  THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE.  It's Book One in my brand new series for Presents, The Wilde Brothers.  Jake's  a sexy, ruggedly handsome billionaire, a risk-taker who flies   combat  helicopters In Afghanistan… at least, he flew them  until an act of  bravery leaves him badly wounded, physically and emotionally. But  Jake doesn't see what he did as brave. If anything, he's  haunted by the memory of what happened that fateful day.  When he returns to the Wilde ranch, it's only because he's promised his brothers and sisters that he'll stop there on his way to… well, to wherever. Jake doesn't know where he's going, only that he's not ready to stay in one place. 

Those plans change when, on his first night home, he meets Addison McDowell. 

Addison is a sophisticated New Yorker,  in Dallas  on personal business.  It's  business Jake misinterprets.  He makes the mistake of taking her on at his welcome-home party. When he realizes he made a mistake, he goes after her but their confrontation on a dark, lonely road escalates from apology to anger to an affair so hot and explosive that it threatens to consume them both. 

You'll be able to find  THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE at Kindle, at Nook, at  Smashword, and at iTunes for your iPhone and your iPad in just a few days. For now, go to  for more information.   Digital publishing is an exciting new venture for me.  I love this brave new world!

 THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE will be available in both print and e-format, at Amazon and Harlequin and all the places where you usually buy my Presents novels . Until it is (in mid-November) please  go to  for more information.

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Sandra Marton


Lory Lee said...

Mischa Collins, I so love this guy (sigh). Anyway, THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE is scorching hot. Perfect for our gloomy, cold and rainy day (actually week or month) :'( . Can't wait get my hands on this book and spend the whole day just reading it.

Eli Yanti said...

Wow Mischa, love him as a part of actor from Supernatural movie :)

Beautiful cover of The prince of pleasure, looking forward to read this book and already join your newsletter :)

Pat Cochran said...

Looking forward to reading about Khan and the
Wilde brothers. They sound like my kind of
heroes. Your books are always so great!

Pat C.