Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting Excited about Berlin by Michelle Styles

One of the great joys of being a writer is the chance to meet readers in person. And being published with Harlequin means I have readers all over the world, so I jumped at the chance to go to the German romance magazine, LoveLetter Magazin's first conference in June. Apparently there will be readers from around Europe. It is the first time that I have ever attended a reader's convention as opposed an authors' conference. The German market is the largest non Enlgish speaking romance market.
I get to spend two days doing panel discussions, meeting readers and generally getting to know readers better. There is a dinner on the Saturday night for the authors and editors as well.
Never having been to Berlin before but having grown up with tales of Berlin, I am looking forward to seeing the city. My grandfather was stationed in Berlin just after WW2 as the US naval attache and my grandmother did a lot of work with refugees during that period. A dear family friend was from Berlin. Some of her family was in the eastern bit and I can vividly remember the tales. She had suffered greatly when Berlin fell to the Russians but had carved out a new life in the US. So I shall spend a little time sight seeing as well.
Next month, I will give a full report of the conference but right now I am just excited to be going.

In other writing news:
I received the cover for my August release -- His Unsuitable Viscountess which is a Regency Romance and love the feel of it. The dress might not be Regency but wouldn't it be fun to wear it?  I can't wait to hold the book in my hand. The blurb reads:
From hard-headed businesswoman…

A lifetime of living in a man’s world has given sword-making factory owner Eleanor Blackwell some very definite opinions – particularly about the duplicity of men!

…to blushing bride?

Benjamin Grayson, Viscount Whittonstall, seems to be cut from a different cloth—Eleanor responds to his touch with a passion normally only reserved for fencing! She may be spectacularly unsuited for aristocracy, but Ben has different ideas when he plans to safeguard her business with a very convenient proposal...
You can read an excerpt here.
It is published in August in both the US and the UK.
 My latest manuscript was accepted and I am utterly thrilled that Sophie from To Marry A Matchmaker will have her own story (the publication date is to be decided) and I have agreed a new contract. This time I get to concentrate on writing more Vikings, something which I am very pleased about. So it has been a good month.
Here's hoping you have had a positive month as well.

Michelle Styles writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance. You can read more about her books on her website


Dina said...

hi Michelle, thanks you for your post

TashNz said...

Hi Michelle, what a neat opportunity for the readers too, I am continuously amazed at the effort the authors put in to communicating with us the readers. Hope you have a great time :)

marybelle said...

Lots happening. It's all good.

Michelle Styles said...

Dina I am pleased you enjoyed my post.
TashNZ I am hoping to have a good time. It is sort of a Red Carpet moment for me so it should be fun.
Marybelle -- I like to think that it is all good.

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Michelle,

You are a new-to-me author but after reading a bit about your up-coming book, I've believe I've been missing something. Love the cover and I agree the gown doesn't look regency and rather like the 1890's but totally fun to wear.

Mary Anne Landers said...

Thank you for your post, Michelle. Sounds like a fascinating event! I know so little about the romance-fiction scene in Germany. I bet that's true of most of us. I'm looking forward to your upcoming report.