Friday, March 09, 2012

Never Say Never

I'm in the Australian high country as I write this. Autumn in the mountains is a beautiful time of year. The crisp morning air is turning the trees into flaming red and orange and the clear, sunny skies make the eucalyptus-clad hills look almost blue. By June there will be snow on the peaks and the skiers will be heading up here.

The high country is a great place to dream and that's what I'm doing. Dreaming up a new story idea for another bride book.

 It was on a ski-lift when the opening scene for Boomerang Bride jumped into my head. I had so much fun writing that book which was a departure for me from my medical romances and I got to revisit my time spent living in Wisconsin, a place very dear to my family's heart.

Boomerang Bride was released as an Ebook in August of 2011 and I'm thrilled to say that Harlequin have just printed it as a physical book and it's available now through the Harlequin website
When the UPS truck arrived with my copies there was great excitement and even the cat was impressed ;-)

This month has been special too because romance readers are so generous with their time and they've been emailing me telling me how much they enjoyed the book. I can't tell you how special it is to wake up to emails like that!

This weekend is all about a new book idea though so I better get dreaming.  Where do you go when you need to think and dream?

Fiona Lowe is an award-winning, multi-published author with Harlequinand Carina Press. Whether her books are set in outback Australia or in the mid-west of the USA, they feature small towns with big hearts, and warm, likeable characters that make you fall in love. When she's not writing stories, she's a weekend wife, mother of two 'ginger' teenage boys, guardian of 80 rose bushes and often found collapsed on the couch. A current RT Book Reviwers' Choice Award nominee, you  can find her at her website, facebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Boomerang Bride is available now from Harlequin, Carina Press  ,Amazon Kindle, Nook and all other online book stores.


Pat Cochran said...

I prefer to go to my room,
where I can close the door
and treat myself to some
alone time.

Pat Cochran

Kandy Shepherd said...

What a beautiful place to seek inspiration, Fiona! I find there's something about swimming laps or walking on my own that puts the creative side of my brain in gear.

Congratulations on Boomerang Bride now having a print edition. It's a wonderful story and I hope it brings you many new readers.

marybelle said...

When I need to think & dream I mostly just go inside my head. Housework, for example, is a mindless activity, so I dream away.

Chrisbails said...

I like to sit out in my quiet front yard and think or daydream. Sometimes even on the porch. Sitting in my lawn chair just relaxing. Love Kandy's books. Congrats on the new book, any extras just send them this way. LOL.