Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stella MacLean: A Taste For Life

I love being a grandmother, and some of my best moments have come from the things they say and do.
A beautiful, funny little eight-year-old girl who has a distinct preference when it comes to her day was walking to school one morning and was overheard telling her friend, “I don’t do mornings.  I wish school started after lunch.”

On the subject of school, one of my little people started school, and for several days dutifully went to the large brick building a few blocks away.  When he was asked how he liked school, he responded as only a six-year-old kid could.  “Fine, but how much longer do I have to do this?”

One day our son was scolding his children about something, when one of the six-year-old twins from the back seat of the van offered the perfect defense.  “Dad, we’re just kids.”

I was driving my four-year-old granddaughter after a downpour in which a huge rainbow formed in the sky just ahead of us.  From the backseat, a little voice asked, “Grammy, what makes a rainbow?”  I began my long explanation about water and light, when I was interrupted again from the back seat with this: “No Grammy, it comes from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, didn’t you know that?”

Stella MacLean’s next Super Romance will be out in November 2012, a Christmas story about a man and a woman who meet in somewhat unusual circumstances.


Desere said...

Hi Stella !

What a adorable collection of stories about your little ones !

I loved it realy so cute and I know all to well kids can say the cutest things sometimes my son comes up with them all the time !

I hope you are well and that you are working on your next amazing story for us the readers to devour !

All the best

marybelle said...

Aren't they gems. I wish I had written down all the pearls of wisdom my children had spouted.