Tuesday, September 06, 2011

School Days

Cool mornings. The smell of new paper and pencils. Fresh apples in lunchbags. The sound of the schoolbus turning the corner.

And the blessed quiet of school going back in session.

My kids love school. When I had the nerve to tell my eldest that she just wanted to get back to her social scene, she was quick to point out how much she loves the smell and feel of fresh looseleaf. That she's anxious to get back to learning. She did mention that to a friend, who basically said ARE YOU CRAZY?

Of course school also means the beginning of organized sports, as volleyball tryouts will start up mid-September. Band and choir begins.

It's not just the kids who look forward to it. I do too - and not just because my office is my own again after summer holidays. (Though admittedly - a work day that's uninterrupted is fabulous. As is working without television or arguing in the background.) It's a back-to-school energy that I totally understand when my daughter says she can't wait. When school goes back in session, so does my brain and my focus. I'm SO ready to get back to writing, I'm keen to organize and prioritize and just be productive.

Right now I'm working on a book due very soon, but I'm not worried because I have that positive energy thing going on - making me wish every day was like back to school.

Oh and that school bus sound? Heard it just this morning.

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Angela Roe said...

I love the return to school. As a friend of mine, who is also a teacher, once put it,for those of us who have children or teach children, the new year is not in January, it's in August when kids return to school. I could not agree more.

Kaelee said...

Hi Donna ~ I love the new style of the Harlequin Romance covers. I can't count the number of changes over the years that I have been reading them but I really really love the new covers.

Since I don't have kids and there are very few kids in my neighborhood back to school only affects me when I'm driving in the school zones.

marybelle said...

I understand what you mean about positive energy. I have great bursts of this at new beginnings.

Pat Cochran said...

Always loved school when I was young
and loved it when my youngsters headed
for school in the Fall. Then I began
volunteering in the schools and I also
joined the trek to school each year for
27 years!

Pat Cochran