Monday, September 12, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

by Anna Campbell

More photos than text today!

Do you remember last month I did a piece on midwinter in south-east Queensland in Australia where I live?

I had a couple of shots of a beach at Maroochydore from a charity talk I gave. But I'd also taken a stack of photos on a late afternoon walk along the seafront near my house and then my digital camera decided it wasn't talking to my computer anymore. So I couldn't include them in the original blog as intended.


As a result, I promised to share the pics if I could get the camera working again. Well, thanks to some seriously techie friends of mine, I now have access to my photos.


I hope you enjoy these shots of Pumicestone Passage at Golden Beach in the late afternoon on a beautiful winter's day.

The first picture is of one of my favorite local birds, the blue heron. They're usually quite shy so I was delighted I got close enough to get this shot. This particular walking path is popular with dog walkers so the birdlife is best after all the pooches have gone home for dinner.

The next shot looks south along the passage to Moreton Bay. The trees in the distance are on the Bribie Island National Park. From my house, which is about five minutes walk from where this was taken, you can hear the surf on the ocean side of the island at night. It's a wonderful sound!

Speaking of birds, this area is one of the world's largest tern sanctuaries. Vast flocks of migratory birds use the sandbanks to stop off for rest and recuperation. Some birds come from as far away as Alaska and Siberia! Wonder if they get jetlag!

The next shot looks north to the holiday resort of Caloundra - see the high-rise apartment blocks. There's some wonderful beaches and cafes up there. I'm definitely on the quieter end of the Sunshine Coast.

Just to prove the seasons have moved on, check out this magnificent melaleuca that grows in my neighbor's garden but cascades over my back fence like a beautiful white waterfall. Spring has definitely sprung down here!

I've always loved the ocean and it's such a treat to live so close to it. So are you a seaside person or do you prefer the mountains or the plains or the city? If you could have your choice, where would you settle?


marybelle said...

My parents live on the Sunshine Coast. It is incredibly beautiful. I am a seaside person, so why on earth am I up on the Darling Downs?

ev said...

I live just on the outskirts of a small city, nestled in the mountains. Kinda the best of both worlds. And with Autumn approaching, the prettiest. It's my favorite season, so I suppose I am right where I need to be.

Michele L. said...

I am definitely a seaside person. I live 5 minutes away from Lake Michigan and love just sitting and watching the sunset, and taking walks along the beach.

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love that one of the bird in silhouette. You are a fantastic photographer!

Anna Campbell said...

Mary, it's pretty where you are and I love that you get real seasons up there. But I must say, like you, I'm definitely an ocean person. I remember visiting beautiful Colorado last year and just loving it, but thinking "I can't live here, there's no sea!"

Anna Campbell said...

Ev, that sounds absolutely gorgeous! There's some high hills behind me (wouldn't qualify as mountains). They're really pretty and there's the benefit that you can look down to the ocean. We're heading into spring here but so far it's had a pretty chilly start, or at least over this last weekend it has!

Anna Campbell said...

Michele, thank you so much! I must say that long evening light and the lovely blue water would make anyone take a good shot. But you can see why I was so disappointed when I couldn't transfer the photos over to the computer and share them. They looked so pretty on the camera! I'd love to visit Lake Michigan one day. Just read a wonderful mystery by Nevada Barr set on Lake Superior and it made the Great Lakes sound just so beautiful.

Keziah Hill said...

I'm a mountains person as you know, but I love being near the water. Yours is a gorgeous part of the world Anna.

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Keziah. And that lovely late light always makes places look glam, doesn't it? And yes, I do know you're a mountain woman!

Pat Cochran said...

Lovely photographs, Anna!

I very much love outdoor photos, but
with the wildfires that have been
attacking the areas North and North
West of the city, we have lost much
of our forested lands! When I think
of how long it took to grow those
trees, they will never be replenished
in several lifetimes!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Pat, didn't realize you were so close to those terrible fires. It's been heartbreaking watching them on TV. Stay safe! I've been in parts of Australia that have been devastated by fire and it's so tragic.

Louise Cusack said...

Anna, I love your coastal pics. I've just this year moved north from Brisbane to a beach near Bundaberg and the ocean is such a great muse! There's something about the ebb and flow of water that just stirs the creative juices. So pleased for you that you're lovin' your coastal patch too!

Cheryl Leigh said...

Love that melaleuca! I'm a seaside person. There's something so calming about watching the ocean or a lake. Yet, I have to have a yearly fix of the southern highlands in winter for a bit of greenery and different kind of peace. :) It must be bliss living where you live.

Anna Campbell said...

Louise, waving at you from down the coast. There's something about water and creativity, isn't there? I've always wanted to live near the ocean so this is my ideal place.

Anna Campbell said...

Hiya Cheryl! Goodness, the Aussies are out in force today. Isn't that melaleuca beautiful? Sadly, it isn't mine but the next door neighbour's. But on the other hand, it's mainly cascading over MY fence. I love the mountains - seeing the Rockies in Colorado last year was a breathtaking experience. But I miss the sea if I'm away from it for too long.