Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Most Unlikely Princess - Annie West

My latest story is just out now. It's about a woman called Luisa, who grew up on a dairy farm. She knows how to milk, fix a tractor, juggle increasing debts and run a farming co-op. She's very practical - she's had to be, with the family farm having a bad run of luck with drought and now flood. But Luisa knows that her hard work will be worth it to get the farm back on track and in the black.

This day is tougher than most. The bank is talking about foreclosure and she's spent hours down at the creek, saving a cow that got trapped in deep mud. Caked in muck, she returns to the old farm house longing for a hot shower.

But this is the day her plans go awry. Instead of an empty house she finds a helicopter, guys in dark suits whispering into earpieces and one man who stands out from the crowd:
The sun silhouetted a man who was long, lean and elegant. The epitome of urbane masculinity. She could make out dark hair, a suit that probably cost more than her car and tractor put together, plus a formidable pair of shoulders.
He looks a little like this.

Fortunately he's not from the bank. Instead he's foreign royalty, there specifically to see Luisa so she can take up her long lost inheritance as princess in his kingdom. He promises her the wealth and position she thought would never come to her since her mother was disinherited.

There's only one catch: in doing so she must also fulfil a contract signed years ago - for her to marry the prince. She'd never have to worry about money again. But is that what Luisa wants? It takes more than money to impress her. And even if she's persuaded to agree, how would a down to earth dairy farmer ever hope to transform herself into a princess?

This book was such fun from the moment I envisaged the meeting between Raul in hand stitched Italian suit and glossy shoes, with a mud-smattered and not so easily impressed Luisa. I also got to use two of my fave themes - the fish out of water and marriage of convenience.

Do you like fish out of water stories? If you had to create an unlikely princess, what background might you give her, just to make things interesting?

Annie will send a selection of signed cover flats as a prize to someone (drawn at random) who leaves a comment.

is on sale now in the UK. You can find it at Amazon, Harlequin Mills and Boon and The Book Depository. Then in June it's released in Australia/New Zealand and finally in mid July in North America. If you want to read more about it, visit my website where you'll find an excerpt, background information and even a contest where you can win the book.


Vanessa Barneveld said...

Hi, Annie!

I love the premise for Prince of Scandal! (Book Depository, if you're listening, please put a rush on my order!).

Between you and me, I've been fantasising about becoming a royal ever since the royal wedding! Wouldn't you just love to be let loose in Buckingham Palace, with no access restrictions?

As for unlikely princesses, I'd love for a girl from the 'hood to discover she has blue blood.

Congrats on your UK release!

Sharon Archer said...

Oh, YUM! Annie, I love your stories but this one sounds extra fabulous! I'm a great fan of mud-splattered gumboots! Throw in that gorgeous Prince Raul and practical Luisa, and I know I'm going to love it!

Roll on June so I can snap up a copy!


Annie West said...

Hi Vanessa,

You know, after that spectacular wedding, I'm sure you're not the only girl dreaming of a royal wedding. Though if I had my chance I'd aim for somewhere a bit more romantic looking than Buckingham Palace to live in. What, me picky? Never! I'm sure it's lovely inside.

Love the idea of a girl from the 'hood moving to a palace. Maybe one day...

Annie West said...

Hi Sharon,

I should have guessed the mud spattered-boots would appeal to the farm girl in you. I hope you enjoy Raul and Luisa's story when it comes around. I've just received the most gorgeous reader email about it and am grinning widely.

desere_steenberg said...

Hi Annie,

I hope you are well,you already know how very much I adore your stories and the Prince of Scandal sounds like another winner congrats!!


Annie West said...

Hi Desere,

Lovely to see you here. Aw, thanks for saying such lovely things about my books! I love to hear that! When I received my author copies of Prince of Scandal I opened it to browse and found myself reading on and on. I take that as a good sign and hope I wasn't just avoiding my work!

Ruchita said...

Hi Annie,
A girl with mud splattered boots definitely makes for the unlikeliest princess. It's going to be gobbled up by readers like me.
As for ordinary girl turning into princess theme, why not a girl running a modest boutique? She makes dream dresses and dreams of wearing them and then...bam, there's the hero carting her off to a castle!
Congrats again on the exciting release!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, yum, Raul! And you do such a beautiful job of describing in all his royal sexiness right from the start. Delish! I LOVE that first encounter between Luisa and Raul. Mind you, I loved EVERY encounter between Luisa and Raul. That first kiss... That first... Ooops, better stop there! Great book, Annie! Congratulations!

Annie West said...

Hi Ruchita,

It's great to see you here. hey, I like the idea of the heroine selling dream dresses and finally getting to wear one. There'a a real Cinderella element to that notion. And I love Cinderella, as you can tell.

Thanks for the congratulations. I've just discovered today that Mills and Boon Australia have made this their 'Book of the Month' - so happy!

Annie West said...

Anna, you're so good to me! It's great that you're so enthused about Raul and Luisa's story. Coincidentally I've had some very nice reader mail especially about that Paris scene and the first kiss, so you're in good company there.

Michelle Douglas said...

Oh, Annie, you know how much I loved this book! LOVED IT!!! Loved the opening scene -- so compelling. And, like Anna, I loved the first kiss. And then there was the cow later in the story... :-)

Fish out of water stories are among my favourites and I loved how Luisa found her feet and carved out her own place for herself in her new kingdom. And I loved how the dreamy Raul showed his appreciation! :-) Congratulations on a wonderful book!

Annie West said...

Michelle, my smile has become a massive grin as I read your comments! Thank you so much. I enjoyed how Raul showed his appreciation too. Sigh. I love a man who can show appreciation!

Thanks for the good wishes. It's fun finding another fan of fish out of water stories. There's something about them that always intrigues me, whether on film or in books.

Kaelee said...

Annie ~ Now I have one more book to add to my to be bought list. I'll keep a watch for it on eHarlequin. I absolutely love the idea of a farm girl becoming a princess.

Annie West said...

Hi Kaelee! How are you? I"m glad you like the opening premise for this story. It hooked me and made for a fun story to write.

Annie West said...

It's getting late in the day so I'd better announce a winner for the signed cover flats. I've done a random draw and the winner is RUCHITA! Congratulations! If you email me at with your postal address I'll organise your prize.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and left a comment. It was lovely chatting with you.

Jo's Daughter said...

I often feel like a fish out of water so this story sounds really nice.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Hi Annie, I love the sound of your new story--it appeals to the Cinderella fan in me. The illustrations you chose for your blog are wonderful, really hooked me into the story! I really like the cover too.

Annie West said...

Hi Jo's Daughter! Late coming back to you but I just had to add that I think that's one of the reasons fish out of water stories appeal to me too! Glad I'm not the only one.

Annie West said...

Kandy, thank you! I had fun looking for the pics - especially the one of Clive Owen!