Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Jasmine Haynes: Power!

It’s my husband’s birthday today, and my mom is coming over to help me bake his favorite treat, Bakewell Tarts. It’s my mother’s old recipe from her days as a young woman in England. She was born in a little town called Hendon on the outskirts of London. She went through the war and the rationing that continued long past VE day and well into 1948. She’s the best baker! A few weeks ago she came over to help me make Bakewall Tarts, but I bought frozen pastry shells and thought I could just flatten those out and cut them into the correct shape. Not! In fact, it was a mess and I ended up throwing out the whole lot. So, we’re going to try it again, this time with the correct pastry dough and a rolling pin!

As those of you who’ve read my blogs before might know, my mother has much in common with Ladybird Long, Witt’s mother in my Max Starr series. In Power to the Max, the fourth installment in the Max Starr series, Ladybird is definitely up for being more involved in Max’s latest case! Thanks to Rosemary Gunn for the perfect cover! Thirty-something, down-on-her-luck accountant Max Starr has the unfortunate gift of being psychic, a newly-discovered wrinkle in her already messed-up life. Her husband, Cameron, is dead, killed in a botched 7-11 robbery two years ago. In her grief, Max has cut herself off from friends, moved out of her San Francisco home in favor of a studio apartment, and dumped her flourishing career as a CPA to do temp work.

Now Max has developed an annoying penchant for attracting the spirits of murdered women. Okay, they possess her. And to exorcize them, Max must unmask their killers. But how?! By stepping into the void their deaths created, taking their jobs, befriending the loved ones they left behind. Max goes wherever she has to go and does whatever she has to do.

In Max’s latest adventure, sonuvabitch Lance La Russa had a thirst for power, exotic tastes, and the money to pay for both. Angela Rocket, the beautiful, quirky call girl willing to fulfill his every fantasy, was the last person to see him alive. And the prime suspect.

To solve the crime, Max Starr must enter the world of sex for hire, much to the chagrin of her ghostly late husband Cameron and sort-of boyfriend homicide detective Witt Long. She’ll need all her psychic skills to save Angela from going to prison for a crime Max is sure she didn’t commit. Max also has a new challenge. Can she find the real murderer without being possessed by the murdered man’s spirit?

But the scariest thing of all? Witt’s Mom Ladybird Long wants to help do the detecting!

Check out the excerpt for Power to the Max. What does the man have in his left hand? Leave a comment with the answer the question and your contact e-mail address to enter my drawing for a copy of Desperate to the Max Desperate to the Max, the third book in the Max Starr series.

I also hope you’ll stop by my blog where I’m giving readers a free erotic read, a new chapter every week of Kinky Neighbors! You can find Chapters One through Four, starting with the March 14th blog! And don’t miss another e-release, Beauty or the Bitch.


Jasmine Haynes said...

Happy Tuesday!

desere_steenberg said...

Happy Tuesday to you as well Jasmine! And a very happy birthday to your husband those Bakewell Tarts sound divine ?

I absolutely loved the excerpt I am hooked I need more !

The answer to your question what is the man holding in his left hand is the key to a newly furnished condo.

Have a terrific day.


Estella said...

I am enjoying the weekly chapters of Kinky Neighbors.

traveler said...

The key to a newly furnished condo. Best wishes and love the covers.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Oh, my mother's going to murder me because I spelled it Bakewall tarts instead of Bakewell!

anyway, I'm so glad you're enjoying Kinky Neighbors, Estella! Chapter four is up!

And yes! Desere and traveler, you are right! Estella, what's your vote?!

Thanks to you all for stopping by!

Pat Cochran said...

In his left hand is a key to a newly
furnished condo!

Pat Cochran

Jasmine Haynes said...

That's right, Pat! Thanks for stopping by and reading the excerpt.

marybelle said...

The answer is "the key to a newly furnished condo"

That's some excerpt.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by the blog. And drum roll, please, the winner if Marybelle! I'll send you an email for your snailmail address!

desere_steenberg said...

Congratulations Marybelle and thank you again for a stunning post Jasmine!

Jasmine Haynes said...

It's always my pleasure, Desere! Thank you!

desere_steenberg said...

Your very welcome !