Monday, April 25, 2011

Popular Romantic Theme Comes To Life -- Michelle Monkou

Romance stories and day dreams go hand in hand. As a romance writer and an avid romance reader, I enjoy a story of opposites meeting and falling hard for each other. In my heart, it's a cause for celebration.

One of the biggest romantic premises is about to happen on April 29, 2011 (BTW, my 21st wedding anniversary) when a "commoner" marries a prince and heir to the throne. The event has taken on the trappings of a celebrity event opened to the world for viewing and commenting via social media networks. No matter how jaded we may feel with our realities, we can't turn a hard heart on the beauty of the romantic journey.

Cinderella kind of started this fantasy, right?

Then we had Hollywood A-list Grace Kelly turn into a beautiful stunning princess. Meanwhile, my fellow romance writers created and continue to write wonderful stories of the everyday-woman marrying the prince, king, or sheik.

This fantasy is beyond just a trend; it's the epitome of the romantic couple.

Our stories do have the implied happy ever after. So I'm purposefully not talking about the burden of the couple's new public status, the baggage of numerous failed royal marriages, and the work needed to make a relationship work. That's called women's fiction. LOL.

As a romantic at heart, I raise a celebratory glass to Kate and William (LOL - I'd written Harry). Cheers!

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Michelle Monkou


Pat Cochran said...

Seeing how many royal couples have
stumbled, my hope is that Kate and
her Prince (W)will have a long and
very happy life together!!

Michelle Monkou said...

ROFL - See already I've blown the perfect union by associating Kate with the wrong prince.

ev said...

i for one am looking forward to Friday- I made sure I didn't schedule myself for work that day!
Hubby has made me promise to record it for him. LOL

I just saw on the news that one of London's finest, had his very first day on the job when Di got married and Friday will be his last. He thought it was a great note to retire on.

marybelle said...

The Royal Wedding will be spectacular & a must see. I hope they have there HEA.

desere_steenberg said...

What a lovely post to go with the royal themed week! Here is hoping Kate and Wilhem have a better union than Di and Charles !

Jo's Daughter said...

It was a wonderful wedding & I too raise a glass to the newly weds.