Friday, April 08, 2011

Donna Alward: What Would You Do?

The title of my next release is a little deceiving. Honeymoon with the Rancher sort of implies that the heroine is on her honeymoon with her rancher husband, right? If I were reading that title I'd be thinking that the Honeymoon with the Rancher is at the END of the book, not the beginning. The result of their romance, and not the start of it.

Maybe it's not so much deceiving as a twist. Because they aren't on THEIR honeymoon. She's on hers. Singular. Tomas doesn't even see her coming.

Sophia shows up in Argentina alone. It's a brave thing for her, because she's been sheltered and told what to do for most of her life. Breaking off her engagement was a BIG step, but the right one. Her ex-fiance looked good on paper but, like Rebecca says in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, he wasn't "a very good investment". (Oddly enough, Isla Fisher was my heroine casting for this book!) Sophia doesn't know what she wants, really, but she knows it isn't what she had. And so she shows up - alone - at the Vista del Cielo estancia. And it's there that she meets rancher/gaucho Tomas Mendoza.

Her reaction is kind of extreme. I mean - what would you do if you walked in on your future husband with another woman? Would you be crushed? For Sophia it prompts her to analyze what sort of relationship they had - was it based on real love or something else? Would you kick him to the curb or try to work it out? Would you make him pay for a VERY long time - or leave him in your dust and start on a new life? Would you be like Sophia, thumb your nose at him and take your honeymoon ALONE?

It's the kind of situation that really makes a person discover what they're made of. And when the bravado of going it alone wears off, there are times Sophia's not sure that she's very strong at all. But then there's Tomas...and there's Argentina...both of which weave their spell around her. I mean how could you resist the wide open pampas or the gorgeous power of Iguazu Falls?

Honeymoon with the Rancher is out in the US in May, but it's available in print and e-book in the UK (it was a March release there) and it's available at eharlequin right now.

Here's the blurb:

One gorgeous rancher, one jilted bride!

Tomas Mendoza left the city behind when he retreated to a rustic Argentine ranching guesthouse after losing
his fiancée. He has found peace working the land…until socialite Sophia Hollingsworth plants her stilettos in front of him and demands to stay the week.

Sophia is nursing private hurts of her own—after all, she is on her honeymoon…alone. Her bravado is a cover act to show everyone she can stand on her own two feet.

Trouble is, she’s in danger of being swept away into the rancher’s arms!

So what would you do? Leave a comment and I'll draw for a copy of Honeymoon with the Rancher!

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Anonymous said...
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imogen howson said...
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Anonymous said...
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imogen howson said...

If my fiance had done that to me, I might not have been able to face going on my honeymoon alone, but I might well have gone looking for a gorgeous rancher to distract me from my heartbreak!
Congratulations on the new release. :-)

Bev Pettersen said...

Ouch! Sounds like another good story, Donna, and the setting makes me drool. Well, okay, maybe it's the horse but something is making me drool. Congratulations on another release!

kaelee said...

Hi Donna,
Argentina! I love it already. I love the cover as well in case I hadn't told you before. Sophia sounds like my kind of heroine ~ gutsy.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Oh I love the premise of this story, Donna. And what a beautiful setting, Argentina!

desere_steenberg said...

Hi Donna,

This sounds like another masterpiece I am loving it already ! I agree with Anne Argentina is such a stunning setting.

I love Sophia she sounds like she can really stand on her feet and fight back brilliant !

If I had to find myself in the situation of my fiance doing this to me I would definitely go off on the honeymoon but instead of alone I would take my best friend with me and go party up a storm just to show him I can live without him.

Take Care

Michele L. said...

Hi Donna!
Happy Friday! I just love the cover of your book! I must say the heroine sure sounds feisty! Although, with such a handsome rancher showing up, I would crumble in a minute, in his muscular arms. I would let him take care of me.
Your excerpt sure sounds fantastic!

chey said...

Hi Donna,
This book sounds fantastic! I want to find out what happens!

Pat Cochran said...

Our association would be over so fast!
Like Sophia, I would be gone whether
it be a lonely honeymoon or a vacation
trip somewhere far away. He would be so
far out of my life! One's existence here
is too short to be spent keeping a close
watch on a person you cannot trust!

Pat Cochran

marybelle said...

Not marrying the cad would be step one, but I would probably ask a girlfriend or a sister to go on the 'Honeymoon' with me. I don't think I would go alone. Too depressing & I would need a shoulder to cry on, but I suppose that would be the Rancher in this case.

Nas Dean said...

Hi Donna,

This book and the excerpt sound so interesting and intriguing. And I definitely want to know what happens next!

Congratulations on such a lovely cover!

Laney4 said...

Hey, Donna.
Thanks for sharing your book with us. I automatically figured she was on her honeymoon when she met him, so perhaps I've read too many romances??? Nah. It just made sense to my warped mind. It's a great storyline/concept/premise, and I look forward to reading their adventure together, stiletto heels and all!

Donna Alward said...

Pat, you're the winner! I've sent you an e-mail so you can reply with your snail mail addy!