Monday, April 11, 2011

Anna Campbell: Meet Midnight's Wild Passion!

by Anna Campbell

It's always an exciting moment when an author is staring down the barrel of a new release. Particularly for an author like me who only writes a book a year. Actually, I'm not sure if that's true about it being any more exciting - I'll have to check with my more prolific colleagues.

The big news in Campbellandia is that in two weeks on Tuesday, 26th April, my sixth Regency historical romance for Avon hits the shelves.

MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION is my take on the classic Regency romance that we all love so much. You know, balls and parties and the marriage market and the Season and debutantes and companions and rakes. Particularly, in this case, companions and rakes as my heroine Antonia Smith is companion to an innocent debutante and my hero Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw, is a dyed in the wool rake. In true Regency style, you'll get waltzes and duels and elopements and house parties and scandal. All those yummy elements that make a Regency such a delicious dish. Oh, and some steamy love scenes as well!

Speaking of both delicious and steamy, aren't the magenta cover and stepback gorgeous? I look at that stepback and think I'll have what she's having! Although I have to say I always get a shock when I see that picture - because Ranelaw is blond, my first blond hero in fact. All my other guys have been tall, dark and handsome, but Ranelaw turned up as a fallen angel and that's how he stayed.

Anyway, here's the blurb for MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION:

London's most notorious seducer, Nicholas Challoner lives solely for revenge…

The dashing, licentious Marquess of Ranelaw can never forgive Godfrey Demarest for ruining his sister - now the time has come to repay the villain in the same coin. But one formidably intriguing impediment stands in the way of Nicholas's vengeance: Miss Antonia Smith, companion to his foe's unsuspecting daughter.

Having herself been deceived and disgraced by a rogue-banished by her privileged family as a result and forced to live a lie-Antonia vows to protect her charge from the same cruel fate. She recognizes Ranelaw for the shameless blackguard he is, and will devote every ounce of her intelligence and resolve to thwarting him.

Yet Antonia has always had a fatal weakness for rakes…

Here's a link to an excerpt:

You can see the lovely trailer Vanessa Barneveld made for me here:

The reviews so far have been great. Kathe Robin in RT Book Reviews gave MWP a Top Pick and said:

It isn't just the sensuality she weaves into her story that makes Campbell a fan favorite, it's also her strong, three-dimensional characters, sharp dialogue and deft plotting. Campbell intuitively knows how to balance the key elements of the genre and give readers an irresistible, memorable read.

Shayna at Joyfully Reviewed said:

Readers beware: do not start reading MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION late at night. You'll stay up, as I did, telling yourself you'll only read one more chapter before putting it down for the night. Next thing you know, you've finished this marvelous book and discover that it's nearly dawn. And, as you feel yourself dragging through the next day, running on little to no sleep, you'll say it was worth it. Because an evening spent with Antonia and Nicholas definitely is. Anna Campbell is a master at drawing a reader in from the very first page and keeping them captivated the whole book through.

Janga at The Romance Dish gave MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION five stars and said:

It has all the emotional intensity and sizzling love scenes that one expects in an Anna Campbell novel. It’s another AC keeper! If you are a reader who sticks to light-hearted romance, this book is not for you. But for those who love a passionate, poignant romance that shows the redemptive power of love, I highly recommend MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION.

You can preorder MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at the Book Depository (postage free worldwide).

And check out this beautiful Australian cover. I've got simultaneous releases in North America and Australia and New Zealand for MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION. I can't wait to see the book on a shelf near me! I love the different takes each country has on my stories. And you'll notice that the hero on the front of this edition has got blond hair. Huzzah!

So tell me what you'd do to satisfy your own MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION. I promise it will go no further! Complete discretion guaranteed!


Annie West said...

Hi Anna, congratulations on the almost - release of MRS! You must be so excited. Having read all your books to date I can say this has to be one of my faves. Nicholas and Antonia really set the pages ablaze, not just with passion, but with that see saw of emotional tension that makes this a stand out book.

Love the fun Youtube clip that Vanessa has put together. How marvellous! I hope she's got a personally signed copy of the book as a reward.

Christine Wells said...

Yay! MWP is nearly here!!! Loved this story--the rake bent on ravishment sees beneath the companion's mousey exterior to the glowing beauty beneath! You do the classic elements of Regency so well and Nicholas is a wonderfully sinful yet redeemable rake. Anna, congratulations on another wonderful book! Looks like you're getting raves already.

I'm invariably asleep at midnight--as you know, I get up early in the morning! So I'd say my MWP is not to be woken up by kids, dog etc. I'd boring, aren't I??

Nas Dean said...

Hi Anna,

What gorgeous covers!
Congratulations on the lovely reviews for Midnight's Wild Passion!

Usually my Midnight's wild passion is to get up and eat ice-cream!

Christina Hollis said...

I love the trailer, Anna, and MWP has it all.
My own wild passion? That's got to be midnight in the bluebell wood, serenaded by nightingales and in the arms of a hero worthy of that burst of Rachmaninov...

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Hi, Anna!

Not long now till MWP hits the shelves! I'm so excited about this book. I loved the simmering passion lurking beneath Antonia's "dull" exterior. Only a rake like Ranelaw could bring out her wild side!

I'll stay G-rated - chocolate goes a long way in satisfying my midnight's wild passion! Better yet, chocolate slice. Mmmm!

marybelle said...

There is NO WAY I am committing myself by writing it down. Let's just say I would be creative.

Sarah Morgan said...

Anna, I've been waiting for this book to be released for ages - yay that finally that day is upon us :)

One of the advantages of writing one book a year is that the reader is panting with desperation by launch date - like suddenly being given the chance to gorge on chocolate after a diet.
I'm going to devour the whole thing in one greedy sitting.


Helen said...

Whoo Hoo

I am soo looking forward to reading this one Anna I am being patient LOL love the trailer and the book covers.

Midnight passion LOL I gotta say I am usually asleep because alas I am an early riser as well but if I am awake it is because I am reading a book I can't put down and there is usually a packet of Tim Tams keeping me going

Congrats Anna
Have Fun

Sharon Archer said...

Anna, I'm hanging out for this book to arrive on the shelf - COOL about the simultaneous release! I'm also taking the advice in Shayna's review seriously and I'm buying first thing in the morning. That way I can scamper home and spend the rest of the day with Ranelaw and Antonia!

And, Ms Campbell, I'm following Marybelle's suggestion and NOT committing myself here in writing regardless of that "guaranteed complete discretion"! LOL

Congratulations on what I'm sure is going to be another best seller!


desere_steenberg said...

Great post Anna I loved this it is really stunning !!

My WMP is definitely a awesome book it is the only thing on my mind when I cant sleep lol!

Congratulations Anna !

Kandy Shepherd said...

Hi Anna, what beautiful covers--both of them! Wonderful to have two covers so different but equally striking. Love that clever video, too.
I believe that MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION, while as passionate as we have come to expect from an Anna Campbell novel, is not quite as "noir" as your earlier novels. Is this a slight change of direction for you?

Tona said...

I am sorry I didn't see this until now. But wanted to say HI ANNA! ;)
It's your "old" friend Delia LOL
BTW I'm also counting the days until I can get the book. I'm sure it will be great, after all it's a book by Anna Campbell :)

Anna Campbell said...

Annie, thanks so much for saying that about Midnight's Wild Passion. Those characters were just so vivid in my mind as I wrote them, a lot of the time it felt like taking dictation! Isn't the trailer lovely? That Vanessa is so clever.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Christine, what a beautiful take on the book. Perhaps I should get you to write my blurbs from now on! Laughed at your midnight's wild passion. What's hilarious is, as you know, I'm NEVER up at midnight either. My midnight's wild passion is definitely going to take place completely in dreamland!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Nas, ice-cream at midnight? Really? I think that would mean I was still awake at 2am!!! Thanks for checking out the blog - aren't those covers lovely?

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Christina, that's brilliant! I'd even stay up till midnight for some of that!!!! Thanks for saying you love the trailer. I think Vanessa did a beautiful job of it - and as you say, that Rachmaninov has to be the most romantic music in the universe!

Anna Campbell said...

Yanno, I was kinda hoping I'd be shocked at some of the midnight's wild passions but so far you're a really virtuous lot! Shake it up, girls! I'm doing research for the next book, LOL!

Vanessa, have you noticed how EVERYBODY loves your beautiful trailer? And thank you for saying such nice things about the book!

Anna Campbell said...

Mary, that's more like it! Even if you are being discreet - I told you, this will go NOOOOO further. It's just between us!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Sarah, I LIKE your thinking! And a book like chocolate - maybe you can help Christine with writing the next blurb! Thanks so much for saying you're looking forward to MWP - much like I look forward to reading yours. My last reading binge day involved THREE - that's right, three! - of yours one after another. It was like a whole BOX of chocolates except I didn't feel at all sick at the end! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Reading and Tim Tams, Helen? Actually I kinda knew that! We're a clean-living lot, aren't we? Sigh. Was hoping for some scandal. Thanks for saying you're looking forward to MWP. Not long to go now!

Anna Campbell said...

Sharon, would I spread evil gossip about your wild passions? (AC flutters eyelashes in a completely unconvincing manner to convince SA of her complete innocence of such a scheme.)Thanks for saying you're looking forward to the book - hey, isn't that a great recommendation? Love the idea of sitting up all night to get to the end of one of my books!

Anna Campbell said...

Desere, you're the book WITHOUT the Tim Tams! Maybe you should go and visit Helen when you can't sleep and she'll share her chocolate goodies. What am I saying? She wants all the Tim Tams to herself! Thanks for checking out the blog!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Kandy! Actually MWP is MUCH closer to a classic Regency romance than my previous books (although obviously they have elements of a classic Regency too). But this one people actually get to go out and go to parties. Not a lot of that in previous AC books! And while my characters have a lot of baggage, I don't think they're exactly what you'd call tortured. So yes, definitely lighter. Thanks for swinging by!

Anna Campbell said...

Delia, lovely to see you here! And thank you for saying such lovely things about the book! Only two weeks to go - I'm counting down the days!

Chrisbails said...

Hi Anna,
This book looks good and a great cover.
I have to say my midnights wild passion is going to not be as exciting as some. I work second shift and usually when midnights rolls around i usually want to go to bed. my husband works first shift so we do not have to pay a babysitter. Usually at midnight i am sleeping, if night sleepy yet will try to read. So I quess I can say the passion would be to buy some new books or to get a nook/kindle and that would be fun for me.

Nikki said...

I can't wait to read this, Anna! I have a feeling I'll be up all night with it til I get my happy ending! And with a cover like THAT, it's definitely going to be facing out on the bookshelf ;)

Anna Campbell said...

Chris, you're not alone in your midnight's wild passion being a good book. Must say mine is too but hey, I thought everybody else was doing really wild things at midnight! ;-) Thanks for checking out the blog!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Nikki, facing out on the bookshelf? That's a true honour!!!! Thank you! Only two weeks to go!

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Anna,

Please add me to the list of those who
are waiting impatiently for the release
of MWP! As for the covers, stepbacks and Vanessa's video, there is only one word: gorgeous!

As for my own MWP, I would wish for a
magic wand to waft me back to the days
of wonder! I'd best stop there. Don't
want to get myself into trouble, just will hope for sweet dreams!

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Pat, I must say it was rather like putting a sensuous dream together when I wrote this blog. All that luscious purple. And then Vanessa's gorgeous trailer with that romantic music. Sigh! So glad you love them!!!! Not long now. Oh, I love your midnight's wild passion being a lovely nostalgic recollection of previous midnight's wild passion. Works for me!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, guys, for a fun day. And thanks to everyone who checked out Midnight and the trailer! I must say I'm not going to get rich on the blackmail proceeds from today's blog. I must return to ze old drawing board, it seems! LOL! Have a great day/evening and see you in a month!

desere_steenberg said...

Funny Anna thank you very much you so cheered up my day !

Take Care

Anna Campbell said...

My pleasure, Desere! x