Friday, October 22, 2010

Fangirl Weekend Coming Up! - Terri Brisbin

I just read Jennifer's post about seeking her inner zen and finding a middle-schooler there instead and it reminded me about this coming weekend. Oh, I am going to be the glamorous romance author, attending my local romance writers' conference, facilitating the published authors' retreat and meeting editors and agents, too. I'll be wearing my black pants and shoes (clearly a sign of being in professional mode!) and I'm even hunting down my missing lipstick to wear for the weekend.

But the real high point of this conference is when I can be a fangirl and gush over meeting some of my favorite authors! There's a bookfair at the end of the event that's open to the public and I have a list of must-see authors and must-have books. You see, a fact my husband has yet to grasp, authors don't stop being avid readers just because we begin writing. We love books, we love romances and we love reading them.

So, who am I going to try to this weekend? Well, there are going to be more than 60 authors signing at Saturday's bookfair and there throughout the weekend, so here's my plan:

First, I have to stop by and see fellow Harlequin Historical authors Jeannie Lin and Deb Marlowe and cheer on Jeannie on her debut book, BUTTERFLY SWORDS.

Then I have to find the others authors who I blog with over at Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills. I'm excited because 6 of us will be there -- can't wait to see Cindy Kirk, Katherine Garbera, Emily McKay, Robyn DeHart and Kathryn Smith.

And I have to make sure to chat with Brava Authors HelenKay Dimon, Diane Whiteside and Heidi Betts, too. Heidi is new to Brava after being named 'Queen of the Universe' in Harlequin land so it will be great to see her.

And, how could I resist all my favorite authors, especially when I have their books in my TBR pile? Madeline Hunter will be there, Miranda Neville, Pam Rosenthal, Claudia Dain, Julianne MacLean, Deborah Cooke (who is also Claire Delacroix!) and many more....I haven't even mentioned all my
NJRW author friends yet!

So, I am going to let my inner fangirl out this weekend -- what are you going to do to have some fun? I'll choose 2 people who comment and they'll each receive a copy of my brand new Brava release, A STORM OF PLEASURE, and another surprise book I'll pick up from one of my favorites at the bookfair.

Terri is thrilled to see her latest Brava book hit the shelves and to be seen on the B&N Nook's new 'More in Store' feature.
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Joanna St. James said...

Oh Lucky you I cannot wait to attend my 1st conference I hope its the RWA in June - July.
And yep I go crazy when I meet authors online too I wonder what I will do if I meet them in person.

Heather S said...

Well, I have nothing really fun planned this weekend except relax, reading, and doing absolutly nothing! I've been looking forward to this ALL week. Yay Friday is here!

Deb said...

Every fall, my entire family goes to a state park called Backbone and we spend the entire weekend eating, laughing, playing, having campfires, and hiking. We rent a modern cabin with all the conveniences that is also 2 levels, so there's plenty of room for 5 kids and 10 adults. :)

Kirsten said...
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Lil said...

Work this week has been filled with tight deadlines. This weekend, I am going to bake up a storm, fill up a plate, make a pot of tea, and that order.

Hope you have a great time, too!

Alison said...

I'm making cakes with my daughter!

Estella said...

My youngest son and his girlfriend are visiting this weekend and we are going to barbecue tuna steaks.

Pat Cochran said...

Let me see, visiting old friend
Barbara on Saturday morning, then
shopping for jackets for several
of my grandsons, and then a visit
to a couple of my favorite book
shops. Haven't spent my book
allowance as yet and the stores
are calling my name! I'll be the
one with the long, long list in

Pat Cochran

Christina Hollis said...

You're meeting so many starry literary names, I'm really envious!
I had my own starstruck moment this weekend, shaking the hand of Dr Ivor Davis (Master Beekeeper) after a study session but then it was back home to attack the WIP again (which was a lot more challenging than being nice to such a clever man, I have to say).
Oh, and there was lots of tea and cake at the study session, too. Always a good thing.

Michele L. said...

Oh wow! I wish I was there with you! Well, today I had to work for 4 hours but it was rather fun since I had so many customers! I work at a gift shop and meet so many nice people from all over the world!

My husband and I went out to eat tonight at Red Lobster. It is our favorite restaurant. We both ordered the "Endless Shrimp" dinners. Absolutely delicious!

Have a fun Monday Terri!

Terri Brisbin said...

thanks to everyone who commented! I am home and exhausted but did play the fangirl -- I even met ROBYN CARR for the first time! Wooohooo!

The winners who will receive a copy of one of my books along with a conference book or two (some autographed!) are:

Michele L



Please contact me at with your mailing info.!


Michele L. said...

Wow! Thank you Terri! I sent you an e-mail with my mailing info.

It is always fun to go on vacation but it sure is nice to get back home again, isn't it? Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.