Friday, September 10, 2010

Romantic Vegas Weddings -- Michelle Monkou

My October release - The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch - is all about a millionaire hero seeking the heart of a professional basketball heroine. She's a tough cookie. He's got his hands full as he works for her attention and ultimately her love.

This past week I saw the fruition of that romantic courtship in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who knew that the end of August and early September was "let's get married in Vegas" time. Yet, with the backdrop of hotel settings like the Venetian or Palazzo Italian-themed hotels, you can understand why the location was chosen.

I also saw the guys who were there for the bachelor parties - pre-alcohol laden which then turned into blitz-out-of-their-minds ugly. I wondered what was the underlying reason to have to get blindly drunk right before the marriage.

The few bridal showers I came across usually consisted of a table of young women giggling, squealing, and toasting the bride, their friendship, and any other handly reason. Many had bridal veils pinned to their hair to highlight the bride-in-waiting. I also raised my glass in honor as their infectious delight carried over to nearby tables.

While walking through the Bellagio Hotel, a bride was making her way up a winding staircase. Everyone stopped and talked in hushed tones. Strangers with their cameras ready formed a semi-circle at the head of the stairs for the bride's entrance. I wondered what they would do with the footage of a stranger's wedding. And yet, I also waited excited and hopeful for the new couple.

So, for all the couples who shared their vows in Vegas -- Congrats! May your lives be filled with love and sweet romantic realities.
Michelle Monkou
The Ultimate Millionaire's Catch
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practimom said...

well, i will be headed to vegas next year in cohoots with RT 2011. I hope to see some of what you are talking about!!

gigi said...

I didn't know there was a season to get married in Vegas.
Like you I don't know why the groom wants to gets so sloshed that he can hardly make it through the ceremony.
I think if my husband had gotten that drunk the night before I don't know what i would have done.

Michele L. said...

Wow! I have never been to Vegas but would love to! Sounds very grand!

Amazingrose said...
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Amazingrose said...


kimmyl said...

I have never been to Vegas either.