Monday, December 07, 2009

Favorite Book of 2009 -- Susanna Carr

How do you determine a favorite book? I think a favorite book is one that you re-read several times. This year there were a couple of books that I bought and had to immediately re-read because they were that amazing. So which book published in 2009 was my favorite?

It was tough to pick one, so I'm mentioning two. I absolutely loved The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress by Lynne Graham, and I also adored Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife by Jennie Lucas. Each book exceeded my expectations, but the stories also offered brilliant twists, fabulous characters and high-octane sensuality.

These books are on my keeper shelf and I'm never loaning them out to anyone. Not even my twin sister!

What was your favorite book published in 2009?


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I loved both of those books as well. Have you read Robbie Grady's Devil the the Bule Suit yet? It's another winner!

December has been another incredible month for Presents, Sandra Marton's Orsini Brother's with Dante and Anna Cleary's book which reminded me of "An Affair to Remember". Also, Annie West and Abby Green's both red hot romances. Just way too many to mention.

Rebekah E. said...

My favorite book publishes in 2009 was Till There Was You by Lynn Kurland, actually all of her books are my favorites.

Linda Henderson said...

I have so many wonderful books that I have read this year it's hard to say which was my favorite. Unfortunately for my kids, who will have to get rid of them after I'm gone, I keep all my books. Just to name a few, A Highlander Christmas (Dawn Halliday,Cindy Miles & Sophie Renwick),Priceless Newborn Prince(Ann Voss Peterson)
Desert Ice Daddy (Dana Marton)and Antonides' Forbidden Wife(Anne McAllister).

Susanna Carr said...

Marilyn, I have Devil in the Blue Suit in my TBR pile!

Rebekah, I haven't read Lynn Kurland, but I've heard great things about her.

Linda, you keep all your books? Where do you find the room?!

Michele L. said...

Oh gosh, I have read so many this year and in so many different genres. I like a lot of books!
Stephanie Bond's, 4 BODIES AND A FUNERAL, was exceptional!
Julia Harper's, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, was great! I loved it because I live really close to Chicago and that is where the book is set in.
Sophie Kinsella's, TWENTIES GIRL. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this book by her! I love all her Shopholic books but this one is so different with so many twists that I didn't see coming.
I read some really great Harlequin's but I see that the ones I read were published in 2007 and 2008. I will mention how fantastic they were!
Annie West's, THE GREEK TYCOON'S UNEXPECTED WIFE. What a great love story!
Stephanie Bond's, SHE DID A BAD, BAD THING, is a real page turner! I just love her books!

...and there are so many more great books!

Mary said...

Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon is just one of my favorites from this year.

Jennie Lucas said...

Susanna, I'm thrilled that you'd choose Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife as one of your personal faves of the year! I'm totally gobsmacked and flattered. Thank you!