Monday, May 04, 2009

Pairings and Phrases -- Susanna Carr

The other day I was catching up on my Facebook and Myspace. Sometimes when you want to add a friend, a security check pops up. You’re given some words to type into a text box to prove that you are a person (and not a spamming program, I guess.)

Have you ever noticed some of the phrases in the Facebook security check? They are so weird. Here’s a sample of what I had to type in the text box at Facebook:

Smooth urethra
Windbag rides
The schnable
Gratify yer-client

I’m curious about the schnable. Is it bigger than a breadbox? And Gratify yer-client? Where do they get these phrases? Anyone know?


Lois said...

Well, hopefully they aren't meant to actually mean anything, (pretty please! LOL), but just to be as random as possible so those spambot thingies have a hard time to post. If they do mean something, then they have a different dictionary than the rest of us. ;)

Although the schnable, was it, does sound yummy. :)


Michele L. said...

I have wondered about that myself. Who is the lucky person that thinks them all up? That would be a fun job! Schnable? Hmmm...sounds to me like an action word. I schnable you to come up with a different phrase. Like in, I challenge you.

Have a great week!

Ash said...

I think the security words can be hilarious!

Smooth urethra *snerk*

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I think it's do to the spam the site has experienced and but they're crazy aren't they?

Jasmine Haynes said...

LOL! Smooth Urethra! I love it. Where do they get these things!!?? However, I will say that at least they are somehow recognizable as a word, even if not real. I hate the ones where it's a bunch of skewed letters and numbers. I usually have to type them in a couple before I actually get it right. maybe it's just my eyesite, but I can't figure out whether that's an o or a c!


SueO said...

My security word here is "croman", so I'm immediately thinking of a round-torsoed man with black/blue shiny feathers with a bit of a hacking cough...

Loved this little piece of pondering. Fun!