Sunday, May 10, 2009

Distractions All Around - Christina Hollis

When it’s going well, there’s no job in the world like writing. The problem is, even when the ideas are flowing and you can’t wait to get your fingers moving over that keyboard, real life has a way of bouncing up and biting you on the bottom.

Take this week…

….actually, the chaos began last week, when I had a really peculiar phone call. A very nice, efficient woman asked when I would like to come and collect my bees. In a panic I thought one of my colonies must have decided to move house and landed in a neighbour’s garden, but no. It was an early birthday present – and a definite surprise. With the bees around here having a really good year so far, most of my spare equipment was in use. That meant one day out of the seven was lost to hunting around to make up a new hive, and then fetching the consignment of bees to go in it. The next day I was helping to put some students through their paces before an assessment, but even that didn’t go smoothly. An enormous cycle race meant delays as the local roads were chock-a-block, but at least they had good weather for it!

Bank holiday Monday meant the shops were closed and the weather was glum. It was just the day to get down to some serious writing. I did – but tortured all the time by thoughts of my children, who I’d condemned to cleaning their rooms. I was working, when I should have been taking them out/baking/gardening/singing with them like Julie Andrews (continued p.64), boo hoo – you get the picture.

Tuesday was good, Wednesday started out better – until I got a worrying call from my parents’ health care professionals, which took a lot of sorting out. The panic spilled over into Thursday, but when everyone was happy again I managed to sit down in front of the computer for a couple of hours. Then suddenly I realised I haven’t updated my own blog for ages (, I’m guesting here, and with a Modern Presents release in June, I have any number of advance copies to send out, and it’s all got to be done while I’m feeding the family and fighting back against the garden…

And that’s the story of my life.

If you’d like to discover if I ever get around to catching up online, and post those paperbacks, tell me your favourite distraction. There’s a copy of my latest Harlequin Mills and Boon romance, The Tuscan Tycoon’s Pregnant Housekeeper, for the best!



Helen said...

I do hope your week gets better Christina.

My favourite distraction is reading books romance books I love them and I seem to get lost in them when I should be doing some housework to make the place look tidy or shopping for food to keep the cupboards stocked.
The bottom line nothing keeps me away from reading luckily my children have grown up and I don't have to feed them much any more LOL

Have Fun

Caroline said...

My favourite distraction (apart from reading) is blogging. I've only recently had the internet installed at home (I've always used works - so was v. v. limited.) I LOVE it! It's opened up up a whole new level of networking for me. And the romantic author blog sites are always so full of helpful advice on writing etc, and as a unpub. I find it very helpful. Problem is I'm finding I blog way way way too much when I should be writing! Hey ho! But I've been good. I only blog on 10 or so sites - there's got to be a limit! Take care. Caroline

housemouse88 said...

Hello Christina,

Your week I hate to say gave me a bit of a laugh. Hope things calm down for you.

I have quite a few distractions I enjoy. The first being able to read when I want. I'm a stay at home housewife with a very understanding husband. He never complains if dinner is a little late or I haven't finished cleaning the house. It's wonderful being able to be distracted everyday. My other distractions are good chocolate, a cup of coffee, and tea. Have a great day.

EllenToo said...

Like others my favorite distraction is reading romance books. I have no family at home and am retired so I have plenty of time to read and often get lost in the reading and lose track of time.

Ash said...

My favorite distraction is reading, of course lol. Also the internet. I'm on it all the time, whenever I can, blogging and listening to music.

Your week shall get better. I have ordained it. lol

robynl said...

wow, hopefully the week has slowed down for you and especially since it's Mother's Day today; by the way, Happy Mother's Day.

My fav distractions are books/magazines, blogging, sitting outside on the swing with eyes closed and listening to the birds singing.

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks for all those lovely comments! I would have been back to reply a lot earlier, but the neighbourhood has been plagued with yet another swarm of bees - I caught them, but with only a bee travelling box left for them to lodge in, it's a very temporary solution.
It's great to find so many keen readers in one place. The number of chores I've forgotten because I've had my nose in a book, lol! As for the internet - how did we manage without it? And chocolate...the tastiest, most sinful distraction of them all!
Thanks again for your good wishes - and a happy Mother's day to everyone. May all your distractions this week be enjoyable ones!

Estella said...

My biggest distraction is my TBR pile. Those books are always calling my name!

Pat Cochran said...

Nowadays with my children grown and
having families of their own, my distractions (aka my ten grandkids)
can keep us so very busy. On this
weekend, daughter #2 was working so
we had her two boys for most of the time. I was doing the cooking for Mother's Day while keeping an eye on them. We transported the foods & the boys to son #2's house for lunch. Shortly after arriving, Son & DIL had to make a quick trip out of the house having to do with her job. Daughter #2
& family arrived. We proceeded to
feed the ten plus all the adults.
Son & DIL returned and sat down
to their lunch. I am slowly wilting
but finally get to my lunch and
begin perking up! Love my young
ones, but every once in a while
"stuff" happens causing a wild
time for the aging grandmother!
BTW, reading time is relaxing time
for me!!!

Pat Cochran

RachieG said...

Oh my gosh...I have so many distractions its a miracle I get anything done :)

Of course, I love to read so if there's a good book, it's hard to get away for a few minutes. I'm a Facebook addict sometimes.

AND I have a puppy to take care of...well she's 3 but she's still onery and needs tons of attention.

Plus that pesky stuff like working, visiting family, and seeing friends...but definetly reading and facebook are my biggest distractions!

Christina Hollis said...

Pat, designate next Sunday 'Grandmother's Day' so your family can return the compliment! As for TBR piles - mine looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
And you know what they say about acting with children and animals,RachieG. The same goes for reading, too!

Alison said...

My favourite distraction is playing with my baby daughter! - the best thing in the world is hearing her laugh.

Laurie said...

My favorite distraction is taking a walk outside. It elevates my mood, helps me sort out my problems or get away from them,it gives me some excersize, it relaxes me. Fresh air, beautiful scenery.... It's wnderful!

Michele L. said...

Hi Christina,

Ooo...greatet distraction? Hands down, reading! I have an awesome TBR pile that has so many fantastic books in it just begging to be read. My problem I love to buy more books and my TBR pile just keeps getting bigger! I think it is reaching the 250+ books mark, seriously!

Anyhoo, you have an awesome week! Stay safe and have fun!

Michele L.

Maureen said...

As my children get older there are less distractions but some days things can become hectic. One thing is that our DSL service always seems to have problems when both children have papers due at school.