Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Favorite Romance Cliches by Diana Holquist

I've been doing the last wave of revises on my next book, How to Tame a Modern Rogue.

One of the things I like to do in the last pass is to highlight all the cliches I can find, and then try to change them. I'm talking about cliched phrases like "her heart raced." Cliched actions like, "her breast heaved as she reached for his manhood" --


--just kidding, I'd never write that one in the first place. And also cliched situations or characters (oh, shoot, the bimbo in scene one is blond and buxom! Scratch that!).

So, I was wondering--what are your favorite/least favorite romance novel cliches?

I'll pick my favorite from the comments to win a free copy of Hungry for More.

Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

My least favourite is when the hero and heroine are kissing and he asks " you want me to stop " and she would say " yes, no, maybe".
l find sometimes it is ok but others, it is over done.

Betty said...

I hate when l see "Plain Jane" used to describe the heroine. l mean if she is plain then how come later on the hero finds her sexy or beautiful.

Gina said...

I just do not like it when l see the term Naive lnnocent Virgin. I mean come on it is a little demeaning. Innocent will do to describe, we get the point as readers.

Mau J said...

My favourite is "Tall, dark and handsome" what l think about is a Texan cowboy or a Greek or an ltalian.

Diana Holquist said...

Love these! Keep 'em coming. :- )

What about cliched plots? Are there ones you love no matter what?


LJ said...

I came online just in time today.
I love the whole boss falls for his assistant plot. One of the quickest ways l choose a book is if it has a title related to this.

Jane said...

It's a little annoying to read about a hero's eyelashes that are so long that it would make any woman envious.

Maureen said...

I don't like the hero who has slept with an infinite amount of women and everyone sees this as a sure sign that he is attractive.

Estella said...

I ove the reunion plots. Loved, broke up, meet up again.

Veronica said...

I hate the term "playboy" applied to the hero it just means he does not respect women.

Michele L. said...

One thing that irks me to no end, and this is not a cliche, but want to mention it, is an abrupt ending. I love when books include an epilogue. I always want to know what happens after the HEA ending. Did they get married? Have any kids? etc.

I love romantic comedies. They are are my favorites! Especially the ones where the heroine is swept off her feet by prince charming. I like when authors are creative in their descriptions and not use mundane phrases like, "he waltzed in and swept her off her feet". Some authors are so witty and clever with their phrases that I have laughed so hard to cause tears come out of my eyes.

I will have to agree when it comes to sex and kissing, vague answers are a real turnoff. I like upfront and personally divulging answers the best!

Have an awesome Monday Diana!
Michele L.

Jill said...

I am a sucker for a marriage of convenience plot or anything with a nanny, but I like kids and not babies (in fiction anyways, in real life I'm going to have a baby in less than 3 months, so of course I like them!)

Pat Cochran said...

The "heaving bosom" line has got to
be my least favorite description.
There surely must be another way to
describe this particular situation!

Pat Cochran`1

Avi J said...

I love this topic.
l have a favourite cliche, "bye, beautiful" l absoloutly love it the moment l read it. The hero always told the heroine that after seeing her. l always love reading terms like that in a story. A man should always make his woman feel beautiful and cherished. l read it it in a few stories also and it always captures my heart the way it is written into the story.

Diana Holquist said...

Thanks so much, everyone for all the great cliches. I have more cutting to do now.... :- )

My favorite--I'm still giggling about it!--was Jane's: the hero with the long eyelashes. I think I might even try to get that one in this book if I still can! Hilarious and so, so true.

Jane, send me your snail mail at and I'll send you a book.

Thanks so much for the fun day, everyone!


Jane said...

Thank you, Diana.