Saturday, July 19, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

As you're reading this, I'm on my summer vacation. This year, we are visiting my parents in Oregon. Last year, we spent it at my brother's cabin in Idaho. It's our annual process. Since I live in California, I switch off between Oregon and Idaho every summer, taking my son and husband home to spend time with my side of the family, which is split between the two states.

And sadly, for us, that's about all we do in terms of vacations every year.

I don't know why, but my husband and I just aren't vacationers. We never have been. I think the biggest trip we took was a drive down to Disneyland when our son was 7. We did the hotel thing, spent several days there, wined and dined throughout Southern California. In the end, we spent a ton of money, and my son said that given the choice, he preferred Uncle Mike's cabin in Idaho. Apparently, Disneyland didn't have anything on Uncle Mike's ATVs, jet skis, fishing boat and Bee-Bee guns.

I don't mind that. On one side, I feel it's important that my son get to know my side of the family. We are a big crew, and without much family down here in CA, it is neat for him to see that he does have lots of relatives. But it's usually this time of year, when people are posting vacation photos on far-away white sand beaches or sightseeing in exciting cities, that I think I'm missing out on something by not traveling more.

Most of it has to do with the fact that my husband and I are home bodies. If I had an extra $5k to drop on a vacation, I'd rather buy a spa for my back yard. That I could enjoy every day of the year. And for those homeowners out there, you know that there's always a spa around the corner, or new carpeting, or a new dining room set, a new car, or.....well, you see how it happens. Months keep going by, our spare cash gets put in other places and we never think about hopping on a plane and getting out of Dodge. In fact, rarely do I think about traveling at all.

Until I stop by a blog and see someone's Puerto Rico vacation and think I'm missing the boat.

So in honor of summer, I'm curious to know what your habits are. Do you plan an annual vacation? Do you make a point to get away X number of times a year? Do you have family out of town that you try to see as much as possible? Or are you home bodies like we are, spending your time and money around the house?

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Cheri2628 said...

We love to travel, and we take at least 2 vacations a year. We also do weekend trips throughout the year. The short trips are frequently to see relatives, but the longer trips are to explore some new place.

Lois said...

Oh geez, it's been ages since we had a real vacation. But going to the bookstore is a good alternative. LOL :) Besides, they do have air conditioning. . . so wish I was there right now. :)


Ellen said...

Since there's no one here but me and I am retired I take spontaneous vacations. That's when I decide one day that I want to go somewhere and within a week I'm gone. Sometimes long trips to National Parks, sometimes short trips to see just one place not too far away. But under any circumstance I love to travel.

Estella said...

We are retired, but we still enjoy staying home and working in our gardens.

Ashley Ladd said...

This summer, I visited my dad and family in Cincinnati and also went to Lori Foster's conference. I don't get to go on vacations every year. When I do go, it's usually to visit my family or to a writing conference.

I'd love to see other places, and yet, I miss my family so I usually visit family.

Donna Alward said...

Travel is something I love and haven't done much of. Usually in the summer we have a good 2 weeks of camping. It used to be in British Columbia, but this year we moved and there's not much more vacation to be had. That's ok...driving across the country and hoteling it for a week, then sleeping in our camper for another 2 while waiting for our house to be ready was enough.

I love to travel...the trips that are close are fun and so relaxing...but I also love getting on a plane and heading somewhere new. We went to Florida nearly 2 years ago and had a blast, and last year I went to London by myself for a week and what a time. I can hardly wait for nationals next year! I've never been to Washington...

Lori Borrill said...

Just got back from eating way too much and am enjoying hearing everyone's vacation habits. Ellen, I'm jealous you can just get up and go on a whim. I forget what that kind of freedom is like!

I am finding the best thing about getting away is spending time with my husband and son. At home, we all seem to go our own ways so easily.

Laura Drewry said...

Last year we started camping again (real camping - in a tent for goodness sake! LOL) and while it's not my favourite thing in the world, the kids love it, so we plan to do it every summer. We used to live up in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and I flatly refused to go camping for fear the bugs would carry off one of my kids. :)

Nathalie said...

I don't plan vacations when I have 2 weeks off... I just see how thing goes with the family and we decide a few days before heading to our destination.