Monday, April 07, 2008

Stuck in the 80's - Susanna Carr

I recently got a Zune and downloaded all of my music onto it. That’s when I found out that I do not have eclectic taste in music. It's almost all 80s music!

Sure, I have a few songs from this decade and the last. I also have a few 70s classic like the Eagles, Abba and the BeeGees. I'm almost embarrassed to admit to those last two, but if you ever need to do a dreaded task, put on Dancing Queen or Staying Alive and they get you motivated. Trust me.

I don't know why all my music is in the 80s. I'd like to think it's because the music was better, but after listening to some of the really lame lyrics of Wham!, I'm going to say it's because they are the songs of my youth.

Is anyone else stuck in a decade? Have a favorite song or band that everyone else thinks is weird?



Virginia said...

Hey don't knock it! I still listen to the music of the 70's and 80's that was real music. I don't like todays music so I listen to the oldes. Maybe because it reminds of my youth I don't know.

limecello said...

I like a lot of 80's music :D. Well, what I know, haha. I haven't been alive that many decades :X so I think I'm pretty well stuck in the present!

Jane said...

I love 80's music. Some of my favorites include The Culture Club, Bananarama, Berline and Cheap Trick.

Joan said...

I dont's like today's music so I listen to the 50's and country.

Lois said...

I think I'm more stuck in Mozart's or Beethoven's time than any other anymore. . . but when it comes to the music that I have with words to it, I'm definitely mostly 80s and 90s. Back in the 90s was the last time I ever listened to the radio for one thing! And back in the day, when they actually showed music videos, I did watch MTV too! :)


Karen H in NC said...

I am officially stuck in the '50's (I think Ronnie Milsap had a song with a title similar to that). Anyway, I bought my MP3 player last year and loaded it up with all my favorites: '50's Rock & Roll and Country music from the '50's through present day.

I really don't care for R&R after the '50's. That's pretty much when I started listening exclusively to country music.

Cryna said...

I listen to Country Music pretty well exclusively, and also from the Eagles, Beach Boys. The music of the Big Band Era is also great to listen to, but have to admit I am a die hart country music person.

Pat Cochran said...

My husband's favorite music is '40s
"big band", mine is some '50s - '80s.
Since the '80s, there is not a lot
available to cause my heart to beat

Pat Cochran

Dina said...

My fav radio station plays, 80's, 90's & todays music. I like 90's alot.

Gigi said...

I like the late 70's rock and 80's pop. Back then you had to really be able to sing. Not as many mixers and doctoring done to the music. Plus i could understand the lyrics. Most of the time I can't figure aout the lyrics to the new songs.
I don't even go to concerts anymore because there are few singers that sound the same as their recorded music.
Sometimes all you have to do to be a singer now a days is to be nice looking and be able to dance for the video. The people in the recording studio can make just about anything sound good.