Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Romance Is In The Air--Michelle Monkou

Fairy tales with their happy endings did a number on me. I believed in the prince coming to claim his fair one to live happily ever after. Several decades later, I've matured and added a few cynical perspectives about life in general. But I am still a romantic at heart feeling that there is always someone for everyone out there.

Over the Easter break, The Sound of Music was on. When I saw this movie, I was attending Stella Maris, a Catholic school run by Austrian nuns, in Guyana. After the movie, my first career choice, was to be a nun. I spent many hours with a towel draped over my head where I would run into the living room and then spin around and sing -- The hills are alive.... My devotion to the role of Maria was enhanced by my entire family's love of this movie. Even now, my brother (in his late 40s) will call me when the movie is on. Yes, I have the movie, but still can't miss the annual showing on TV.

After my stint of becoming a nun, my next wish was to have a wedding dress with a long train like Maria's and a long church aisle to walk toward my handsome husband-to-be. Flash forward to April 1990, and handsome husband-to-be was in place. I then visited churches and remember shaking my head when I saw the aisle, thinking - nope, not long enough. Then I saw my dress in a magazine and knew that there was no way my mother would buy it. I went to a bridal store outlet in Delaware. The sales person started showing me various dresses. Finally, I pulled out the page with my dream dress and she said, we have that. I thought she meant that she had one like that. No. She had that dress by that designer.

Think 80's style with big poofy arms that narrowed for the lower part of the forearm. Lots and lots of pearls and beadings. Tiny waist and then a huge skirt and yes, a long train. I put on the dress and came out and stood in that mirror thinking - yes, this is it. And when I turned to survey the back, yep, there was my train.

My husband simply shakes his head at me. Yes, there is no hope. I am a romantic through and through. My kids saw the movie once and refuse to see it ever again. High School musical has now replaced Sound of Music. Oh well.

And now with my April release - No One But You - and that beautiful cover of a bride, the memories come flooding back and I sigh with contentment. Maybe for our wedding anniversary, I'll pop in the wedding tape and tie my children and husband down to review every minute of it - LOL!!


Estella said...

Great looking cover!

Jane said...

How many times have you watched your wedding video?

Michelle Monkou said...


I do agree that the Art Dept. did a good job.


I watched it over and over in the first year to the point where even I got sick of it.

But it has been a gazzilion years. Thank goodness we have several copies because hubby taped part of Michael Jordan's championship game on it.


Gigi said...

Hi Michelle,
the cover of the book is just great.
It is simple, elegant and you get the message.
You go tie your husband and kids down and watch your video.
I married in 1984 and They wern't offering videos at that time.

I wish I had been able to have our ceremony taped.

Pat Cochran said...

Children! Wait until it is their
turn! They will completely change
their minds when they are the ones
in the wedding video!

Pat Cochran

All the Buzz Literary Reviews said...

Great cover Michelle! I wanted the fairly tale wedding like that, but it didn't happen. But a girl can dream, can't she? LOL I guess that's why I'm such a romantic, and a romance novel junkie.

Michelle Styles said...

Did you know that the Von Trapp family have a hotel up in Vermont? It is full of Sound of Music memorablia...we stayed there once. It is near the Ben & Jerry ice Cream factory...
--another confirmed SoM addict

Annie West said...

Michelle, I can understand your need to see SofM every year on its annual showing. There's something so very satisfying about it. I sometimes wonder if it's just because I first saw it as a child. It's a great story, isn't it.

BTW, I LOVE your new cover. Just fantastic!


Michelle Monkou said...

Michelle S

I saw the beautiful resort in Vermont on the website. Would love to go there, but I'm not holding my breath that hubby will reserve that package.

I love celebrating things that shaped me. Sound of Music is just one of those things.