Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Wanted to Introduce Myself

Hi! This is my very first post here at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs, so I thought I'd start by introducing myself. My name is Tracy Wolff and I am pretty new to the romance writing world. My first Spice Brief, No Apologies, came out at eharlequin this past February and my first novel, A Christmas Wedding, will be a November 2008 Harlequin Superromance Release. My first two erotic suspense novels-- Full Exposure and Primal Obsession-- will hit the shelves starting in January of 2009.
Besides writing, I am the mother of three very rambunctious little boys, wife to the Alpha hero of my dreams and a writing professor at my local college. Which, actually, leads me nicely to the topic of this post.
The semester is coming to an end (twelve days and counting-- can you tell I'm just a tad bit excited?) and this brings up one of my favorite times of year-- summer vacation. Now, I know, in parts of the country it is barely spring, but here in Texas, where I am currently living, we're working at ending spring and heading straight into summer. The days are longer-- and hotter (we're averaging mid to high 80s every day around here), the flowers are in full-bloom and there's an air of expectation wherever I go. It's the same air of expectation I've lived with every year of my life since kindergarten-- you see, teachers never measure the year from January to December. For us, it's like it always was-- August or September to May or June, depending on what part of the country we're in. And after twelve years in the profession, I'm certainly no different.
So as I look forward to the end of classes and the beginning of free time (except, of course, for a looming deadline or two) I can't help but reflecting on what I love about summer.
As a child, I adored summer because it meant long afternoons in the pool, trips to amusement parks, ice cream cones and time off with my mom, who was also a teacher. As an adult-- and the mother of three young children-- I find myself looking forward to summer for much the same reasons. I love spending time with my boys-- though after a few weeks the incessant fighting wears just a little bit thin ;) I love hanging out at the pool, though I do more chasing and catching and splashing than I do swimming anymore. And I love getting summer treats, though my boys have recently traded ice cream cones for snowcones-- which is fine with me as I find I've become quite addicted to the lime flavored ones. As for amusement parks, we did Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, and the SD Zoo and Wild Animal Parks last year so I pretty much figure I'm safe if we take this summer off.
I also like backyard barbecues with my friends, getting pedicures, buying a new sundress or two and generally having time to just wallow in being me. During the semester, things get so frantic between my kids and my classes,my office hours and essay grading and book writing, that sometimes I forget to stop and smell the daisies. This summer I plan on smelling a lot of daisies and hope the same can be said for all of you.
So what are your summer plans? Anyone going on an exciting trip? Anyone just planning on hanging out at home? I'd love to hear how others plan on spending my favorite time of year.


Cheri2628 said...

Welcome to the romance writing world and to this blog. We have some pretty nice chats here. I was a teacher for 30 years, and summer was the highlight of my year. Even though I hate the hot, humid summers here in Atlanta, I looked forward to the free time to read, travel, and do all those house projects I didn't have time for during the school year. This is my first year of retirement, and it has been like a whole year of "summer." I am loving retirement. One thing I do have to look forward to for the actual summer this year is our first family vacation in a while. My husband and I have gone on quite a few trips, but this time our sons (ages 19 and 25) are going with us. We are headed to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Hoover Dam. It should be fun! I hope that you enjoy your summer!

Gigi said...

I also live in the south. South Georgia to be exact. My daughters are just about grown 21 and 17 so this summer I will probably start repainting the interior of the house. We built ten years ago and the inside could do with a fresh up this summer.

limecello said...

Hi Tracy,
Congratulations on the new releases!
As for the summer... unfortunately, for the first time (and last time I'm hoping...) I'll be taking summer classes. Go figure the last possible one ever, I'll be taking them. Although, I figure I managed to avoid them all my life until well into professional school :P. I'll also be working and working on writing an article and choosing journal articles. I know, my life is so glamorous :P.

Estella said...

I live in the Pacific Northwest and will be staying home puttering in my yard this summer.

Jane said...

Hi Tracy,
No plans for the summer yet, but I'm hoping we'll be able to go to Hawaii this year. It's one of my favorite places. We have friends there, so we won't have to stay at a hotel. Love your cover of "No

Tracy Wolff said...

Nice to meet you, ladies.

Jane, I love the cover too. I take every opportunity I can get to post it, just 'cuz I think it's so pretty :)

Cheri, 30 years of teaching!!!!! I am so impressed. This is my twelfth and I love it, but it's a lot of work.

Gigi, is it as hot and sticky in Georgia as it is here already? I'm afraid this summer will be brutal.

Limecello, I usually teach summer school, so believe me when I say that I sympathize.

And, Estelle, any yard puttering tips would be greatly appreciated. I kill every plant I come in contact with-- except the weeds. My husband has actually banned me from his yard ;)