Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fool Me Once

by Michelle Rowen

Happy April 1st! This is the day when people like to play practical jokes on each other since it’s April Fools’ Day. At least until noon, when the fun and games are over and then the “joke’s on you” if you try anything...well...foolish. If you try anything after noon, apparently it will bring bad luck to the prankster. That’ll learn ‘em.

Just for the record...I'm not a big fan of practical jokes. However, I decided to do a little research into how April Fool’s Day got its origins.

This explanation is from
April Fools Day began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar took over from the Julian. Those who forgot the change and attempted to celebrate New Year’s (previously celebrated on the 1st of April) on the wrong date were teased as “April fools.”

Wow, that’s boring. Don’t tell Ashton Kutcher.

Some other theories have to do with it being around the beginning of spring when nature “fools” mankind with fickle weather. Here in the Toronto area there’s still a whack of snow on the ground so there’s definitely truth to this one, I think.

A famous April Fools’ Day joke was from the BBC in the 1950’s. This news piece about the Italian “Spagetti Harvest” had a lot of people fooled (believe it or not).

April 1st of this year is also my official release date of Lady & the Vamp and I definitely wouldn’t joke about that. ;-) I have the first three chapters available on my website if anyone is interested in checking it out, and I’m having a virtual book launch party on my blog today. Please stop by and have some virtual food and drinks!


Lois said...

Well, I don't normally meet up with many jokes, but earlier I did actually believe this one spoiler on the Smallville related site I visit that the big character that was going to be killed off soon was their dog. LOL


Gigi said...

I had no idea how WE got April Fool's Day. Thank you for the info. I am not one for practical jokes when they really hurt someones feelings. I know I don't enjoy having my feelings hurt.

I followed the links to the excerpts and read and read. What a great story. But then I have loved your books.
Congratulations on the publication of Lady and the Vamp.

Maureen said...

Congratulations on the new book. When my kids were little they loved playing April Fool's jokes but now that they're older we don't really do them anymore.

Pat Cochran said...

Happy Release Day! I'm enjoying
the launch party! Great drinks
and food! (Note which item I
listed first!!!)

Pat Cochran

Michelle Rowen said...

I saw so many practical jokes on people's blogs yesterday. The only one that had me for a split second was Smart Bitches merging with Dear Author to become Dear Bitches. LOL!