Saturday, April 12, 2008

12 Points on the 12th - the new edition!

In a slight change from the actual 12 Points blog , today I’m so pleased to be able to talk about the brand-new, second edition of the 12 Point Guide published this week. I'm really thrilled to be able to say that this second edition is being published and I've been working hard to make it even bigger and better than the first one.

Why did I want to write a second edition?
Well, first there's the obvious reason - the fact that the first edition sold out.

That meant that no one can get a copy any more, unless they found one second-hand. Even Amazon doesn't have any used copies available.Well - they do - if you want

a A copy sent from Lebanon. I think that's Lebanon NY
b. A used copy for £60-82 - £60-82!!!!

c. A 'like new' copy for £67 - 40

I think not!
And no way am I claiming that my book is worth 6 - nearly 7 times what it originally cost.

Then there was the fact that some of the information in the original edition needed updating - for example, there were the names of some lines - Mills and Boon 'Tender Romance' was back to being just Mills & Boon Romance. And Silhouette Romance had merged with that line to be Harlequin Romance.Then there was the Modern Extra line which is now selling as Modern Heat. . . Nothing stays exactly the same in romance publishing for very long.And that includes the focus of the different lines, there are changes in the guidelines and the things that editors are looking for in submissions.So obviously it was time to plan a second edition.

But I also decided that if I was going to bring out a second edition, it was going to be an improved and expanded new edition as well as a revised one. I know a lot about writing romance but there are some things that only the authors who write for specific lines really know about.And so I decided that the best way to make the book even more helpful would be to include advice from the horses' mouths so to speak. Only I didn't call it that - I called this new section From The Authors' Desks. I sent out questionnaires to lots of my wonderful friends who write romance for many different lines - and 21 of them answered.

But I'm thrilled to be able to say that the new edition is not only revised and updated, it also has this 40+ pages extra with advice and tips from 21 currently published authors. Authors like Michelle Reid, Anne McAllister, Sandra Marton in Presents, Liz Fielding, Natasha Oakley, in Romance, Trish Wylie and Julie Cohen in Modern Heat (Trish in Romance too!) - and Kate Hardy in Mod Heat and Medicals - along with Gill Sanderson and Margaret McDonagh. And in Historicals there's Nicola Cornick and Michelle Styles. . . and that's only as a taster.

There's also Holly Jacobs from Harlequin Everlasting - er - Superromance (see there's another of those lines that came and went) and Yvonne Lindsay from Desire. Hopefully, whatever line you're aiming for you'll find something to help you there.

And it won't cost you £ 67-00 - I promise!

No, this new expanded edition will be exactly the same price as the first edition - that's £10.99 in UK money.

From the actual publication date- I will be holding a special launch party on my blog with many of the authors who contributed to the From the Authors' Desks section joining me in the celebrations - and many of them are offering prizes too. So don't miss out on that.

And I'll be answering questions in the Writers' Q&A as well. So I hope I'll see you here.

Oh -and as I've been asked for these details - here's what you need if you want to order the 12 PGTWR 2
The details you'll need are:
12-Point Guide to Writing Romance
(Studymates Writers Guides)
By Kate Walker
2nd Rev Ed edition
Pub April 8th
RRP: £10.99
Publisher: Studymates Ltd
ISBN: 978-1842851319

In America you should be able to order it from Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters/Indigo - just tell them to order it through Transatlantic Publishers

If you're in America and you'd like a neat way to remember these details, then Lee has some lovely bookmarks with all the info you'll need. If you'd like one of these and a free Kate Walker pen - then send an SASE (USA postage naturally) to:

Lee Hyat
Kate Walker Goodies
4411, 76th Ave. West # 2
University Place,
WA 98466

If the envelopes are addressed as above, then Lee will know what you're interested in.

But if you want a chance to be one of the very first people to own a signed copy of this brand new edition, then I have one that I'm offering as a prize here on this blog.I don't know if you've ever visited my web site then you'll know that the way I pick the winners for my contests is that I don't pick them - my cat Sid does! I put all the names on pieces of paper with a cat treat on the top of each one, and the first one that Sid picks is the winner.

So Sid will be picking a winner for me for this prize - and I'll throw in a signed copy of one of my Presents books and a special Kate Walker book bag as well.

All you have to do is to post in the comment s section - tell me about your writing, what lines you're aiming for - or why you'd like to win the 12 Point Guide - I'd love to hear from you.

And so would Sid - the more answers we get, the more cat treats he has to eat his way through!

And if you get a chance I hope you'll come along to the launch party over on my blog - there will be more prizes to win over there too. Hope to see you there.


Pat Cochran said...

I'm a reader, not a writer, but I
believe that one cannot ever learn
too much! I always enjoy the blogs
where authors share information on
their writing methods. Your "12
Points" book falls into that area
for me. Besides, one of my sons
is interested in writing. Though
your and his areas of writing are
different, there must surely be
words of import for him in "12."
I hope Sid selects my name!

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, huge congratulations on the release of the second edition of the 12 Point Guide. It's such a classic! You explain everything so succinctly and cut right to the heart of the issue. I can still remember how much I enjoyed your presentations about writing romance to a room full of avid listeners at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Sydney a couple of years ago. I'd love you to come back to visit us some time! We loved having you!

ruth said...

Your 12 Points book is a wonderful resource which would be so beneficial to my writing. I teach high school and know that this invaluable book would enable the students to learn how to master this art. Thanks for this opportunity.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you for posting Pat. I totally agree with you. You can never learn too much. I enjoy reading writer's guides about screeplays for example - I don't think I'll ever write one but I learn a lot!

And a teacher on a Creative Writing course found that the student - even the men - none of whom wanted to write Romance all loved the 12 Poit Guide.

Good luck to your son - what does he want to write. My son did a course on screeenwriting but he's just written his first novel.


Kate Walker said...

Hello Anna - Oh I have such wonderful memories of thst trip to Australia. And I'd *love8 to come back. Maybe one day.

Now are you sure the avid listeners were avidly listening to me - or avidly watching the screen projection of Hugh Jackman in a towel?

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, as if you couldn't compete with Hugh in a towel...


Kate Walker said...

Ruth - what a lovely thought - using the book for high school teaching. I'd lov e to think that it would be useful for that. One thing I tried to do with the book is to make it easy to read and some one said it seemed more like a conversation rather than a text book. I like that idea.

And I really believe that if students know how books are created then they will better understand how they work - and how to read well.

christina said...

Congratulations on the new edition, Kate. I find my trusty old original absolutely invaluable. As for using it as a high school teaching aid, there's a signed copy lodged with our local college library. It's never on the shelves, because there's a waiting list for it. Your '12 Point Guide..' no sooner returned than it's borrowed again!

Jane said...

Congrats on the second edition.

Gigi said...

Kate congratulations on the second edition. just think your guilde might one day be part of a classroom writing guide. Lord knows the school systems could use a guide.
I am a reader. I don't think I could write a book but I have spent many years reading and looking for errors for people.
I would only think that your 12 points method would help anyone in other thing that they do.

Kate Walker said...

Anna - me competing with Hugh in a towel . . . Hmmm. But the image that raises in my mind is fun ;o)

Kate Walker said...

Hello Christina how nice of you to drop by. And I'm thrilled to think that the copy of The 12 Point Guide I donated has been so well used. Thanks for letting me know.
It's made my day


Kate Walker said...

Hi Jane

Thank you for the congratulations


Kate Walker said...

Hi Gigi - nice to see you here

And what a thought - that one day my writing guide could become a taxtbook! It woudl amaze my mother who thought I'd never be a. A writer or b. A teacher!


Kate Walker said...

I got Sid the cat to work (work?) picking the winner for me and he chose the cat treat that was on top of the name - - - -


So the high school class will get to hear about it!

Ruth can you email me kate AT so that I can make arrangements to get your prize to you

Thanks to everyone who posted