Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jane Porter's Title Contest

I got the bad news today. Alpha Mom, out in only 6 months, will no longer be called Alpha Mom due to someone apparently owning the title. It seems a clever woman has copyrighted the words (who would have thought?!?) and is threatening to sue me and my publisher if we don’t change the name of my novel. I’m a fan of women who accomplish things but not a fan of women who threaten legal action so Alpha Mom needs a new title. Fast.

I’m asking all my readers, fellow writers and friends to help brainstorm new title ideas I can send my editor this week. To get a sneak peek of the Alpha Mom cover (before the title change) visit my B-Board for the next few days and see what the cover looks like, and read the blurb about the book, before the cover and blurb disappear to be unveiled once the transformation is complete.

My editor has suggested three possible new titles:

Queen Bee
Alpha Female
Power Mom

Do you like any of them? Can you think of any other ideas? Want to send me some ideas?
If you suggest a title that gets picked by my editorial team at 5 Spot for the book, which is Taylor’s book (we meet her in Odd Mom Out) you’ll be rewarded with a $50 Sephora gift certificate, an advanced reading copy of To-Be-Retitled-Alpha-Mom, and a signed set of my 5 Spot books: The Frog Prince, Flirting with Forty, and Odd Mom Out.

So, if you’re creative and like brainstorming book titles send me your suggestions as I desperately need your help. Alpha Mom needs a new name right away.


Estella said...

I really like the title Queen Bee.

tam said...

Mom's in Control
The All American Mom
Best All Around Mom

Lily said...

Alpha Mom was so great :(

Michelle Styles said...

Oh hugs. I am surprised the woman was able to copyright it. I had thought titles could not be copywritten. But I suppose if someone is going to be a PITA, it is best to change the title.

The Mom Competition
Winning the Mom stakes
The Mom Race
Opting Out of the Mom Stakes
Mom: In Control
Take charge Mom
Super Charged Mom.
Mom: the Leader
Over competitive moms anonymous

I am really bad at titling.

tam said...

Amazon Mom
Out of Order Mom
Inspired Mom
Kick Ass Mom
Mega Mom
Spirited Mom

tam said...

Super Mom
Gifted Mom
Brazen Mom
Spellbound Mom
Radical Mom
Mom by Design
Much Ado About You Mom
Suddenly You, Mom
The Ideal Mom
Portrait of Mom
Scandalous Mom

readingissomuchfun said...

Jane I am sorry to hear the bad news. I really did like that title and I didn't know someone already had that one. I love your book cover :-) How about these.

Alpha Mother
Alpha Mom Saves The Day
Queen Bee Mom
Alpha Mom In Charge

That is all I came up with.


blackroze37 said...

heck Alpha Moma

tam said...

My Mom, The Alpha Mom