Monday, October 22, 2007

It's all Greek to me . . .

Hang on a minute. I’m sure it was only yesterday that I was blogging about being in London and being presented with the gold pin for my 50th title and then – well, then I blinked and now a month has gone by and it’s October 22nd and, as Lee has reminded me it’s time for me to come and blog again.

So what happened to that month in between? I don’t remember too much of it. That’s because I was busy writing and with a deadline looming and a sexy alpha hero to deal with, I was fully occupied. I’m always more absorbed in the ending of a book than at the beginning. In the first few chapters, I’m getting to know my characters, learning all about them, finding out what makes them tick . . .Then when I get to the middle of the book , it’s as if I’ve turned a corner. I know just what’s happening with my characters and who they are and suddenly the words start to flow, coming faster and faster and I write more in the last week or so than I did at the beginning. And that keeps me totally absorbed so that I don’t really noticing the days passing by.

So now I’ve lifted my head and taken my fingers from the keyboard, suddenly I realise that it’s October 22nd and I’m booked to blog here. One of the reasons I’m here now is because I have a new book coming out – The Greek Tycoon’s Unwilling Wife – which is out in November. So from concentrating on one hero in my latest story, I now have to concentrate on talking about another one. And by coincidence they are both Greek heroes. I didn’t plan it that way, it’s just happened.

It’s a well known fact that in the Presents line, the Mediterranean hero helps to sell the books. I’ve never been quite sure why readers see them as so much more exciting than other nationalities. After all, I’m married to an Englishman and have been for years so I’m really fond of that ‘stiff upper lip’ type. (And he’s a Yorkshireman as well – they’re even more so!) . But when I choose my heroes, I don’t just think ‘Oh, I’ll write about a Greek or a Spaniard or an Italian this time. Each nationality has particular characteristics that make me choose them.

Which is why these two heroes ended up being Greek. The stories are about pride and family and honour – all things that matter to their heroes. And now when I look at the books side by side, even their names are similar – the hero of The Greek Tycoon’s Unwilling Wife is called Andreas. The hero of my newest , as yet untitled, story in Angelos (the heroine calls him the Black Angel). But they’re very different men and so their stories are very different. For one thing, this November book is an amnesia plot, and in the new one the hero remembers everything about what has happened in the past – so that his heroine wishes he didn’t.

One of the questions I keep getting asked when people learn that I’ve written over 50 books is ‘How do you keep fresh?’ well these two Greek heroes are the perfect example of how I do it. They are both from the same country, they’re both alpha male types – but they are both very different people. And when I’m telling their stories, it’s keeping them individual that makes the story come alive for me and so helps me to tell a fresh new story.

And so Andreas’s story will never be Angelos’s - and although it’s an amnesia story it will never be the same as other amnesia stories I’ve written before. Because this is Andreas’s story and no one else’s.
(I’ll be talking about amnesia stories over on the I heart Presents blog on November 5th if you’d like to come along and join in – tell me some of your favourites)

But all this thinking about Greek heroes has me wondering – do you love the Mediterranean type of hero or do you prefer your heroes ‘home-grown’ from the USA or UK? I’ll be intrigued to know as I think about my new hero and try and decide who I’m going to write about this time – a Sheikh? – an Italian? Or maybe that stiff-upper lip Englishman. What do you think?


Diana Holquist said...

Oh, I like them all! Just keep 'em coming!



HollyJacobs said...


I can't wait to read the new one!! As for what I enjoy best...any book with Kate Walker on the cover works for me! LOL


ilona said...

I see Kate Walker on the cover and I know I will be happy to read about the hero in it.
Your alpha males always have me loving them whilst I read the book, regardless of where they come from :D

Kate Walker said...

Ah ladies you've really made me smile. Thank you!

Diana - I promise, I will keep 'em coming. In fact I just heard from my editor that she loves my new Greek to there's another one in the scheules

Hi Holly ! My lovely friend! You know something - I feel the same when I see Holly Jacobs om the cover. The H0use on Briar Hill Road is a very special book. I wish it every success - it deserves it.

And Ilona - how great to see you here! I'm so happy that you love those alpha males - I love writing them.

Anyone else who comments - just to say - I'm leaving for Ireland tomorrow,and I won't have internet access for a couple of days, but I'll call back ion just as soon as I'm hom.

Be good while I' away!

Nathalie said...

I love the Mediterranean type of hero better than the US home-town guy... though UK men are also nice... for a person living in America, it is still exotic!

Tori Carrington said...

Well, being married to my own personal Greek Adonis, you can guess what my preference is. (Tony's oldest brother is named Andreas and one of his nephews is Angelos, and they're different as rain from sunshine. Both still live in Greece. Okay, maybe Angelos just visits between hired gigs in Iraq and Africa and to visit his new bride in Israel, but...)

At any rate, we have to agree with everyone else, so long as it's your name on the cover, Kate, that's all that matters.

Lori (& Tony)

deseng said...

Oooo...I gotta love those Italian's since I married one! Kate, I so love your books and any hero you have will be just fantastic! I love the tall, dark, handsome ones the best!

Michele L.

Lois said...

Oh geez, I'm always a sucker for a British guy. . . LOL But hey, I'll take any, I'm not picky. ;)


Lily said...

I am not picky either... but Kate whatever you write... I read!

Maureen said...

The great thing about the Presents line is that I have read heroes from all over the world and I think that's great.

Kate Walker said...

Hi again

I'm back from Dublin and I'm catching up with everything. So although I'm a bit late I've called in to read your comments - and thank you all for them!

Hi Nathalie. I think that's the problem isn't it - some people feel that the type of man they see every day isn't as excitign as the 'exotic' hero. But I reckon it's the author's job to make the hero exciting, no matter where he comes from.

Lori - and Tony - I'm honoured that you dropped by. Thank you. We met a couple of times at the eHarlequin ,unches at RWA. How great that you have an Andreas and an Angelos in your family and I have them in my hero family. Thank you for the great compliment about having my name on the cover - from fellow writers that is such a compliment.

Michele - I'm glad you love my Italian heroes cos I love writing them. In fact I think my next hero might turn out to be another Italian.

Lois - I'm a sucker for aBritish guy too - I married one! And on this trip to Ireland I met a gorgeous guy whose lovely accent and gorgeous blue eyes made me want to cast him as an Irish hero - he would really fit the bill.

Lily - thank you ;0) It's so great to know you love to read my heroes almost as much as I lov e to write them

Maureen - you put your finger right on it. The truth is that in the Presents line it doesn't matter where the hero comes from - there are some great authors who can just make any plot with any nationality of hero exciting.

Which is what I hope to do with my next hero - no matter where he comes from

Oh - and BTW my editor loved my latest hero so Angelos will be scheduled for some time in 2008 :o)