Friday, September 14, 2007

One Reason I LOVE Writing! Annie West

There are so many great aspects to being a writer. Reading for a start. I couldn’t be a writer if I wasn’t an avid reader and I have to admit that settling down with a good book is one of my great joys in life. What else? Creating your own stories and then seeing them in print. Hearing from readers that they enjoyed your book. That’s fabulous, guaranteed to put a huge grin on my face. Being able to work in sloppy old clothes or even PJs. That’s a definite plus. In fact, waking on a cold rainy day to the sound of a downpour and the knowledge that you have a great scene to write and don’t have to stir out of the house is an absolute luxury. Reading about spectacular heroes and knowing that it’s vital market research (he, he) I love it! Going to writers’ conferences and talking books for a whole weekend is wonderful.

For me, one of the best things about being a writer, and specifically a romance writer, is getting to know so many other fabulous women who write romance. Some of my best friends are people I’ve met through writing and that’s very precious.

And of course, when you have friends who write you also have reason to CELEBRATE from time to time. Another one of my favourite activities. Writing has its ups and downs. For all the fun side of things there are also the rejections, the writer’s block, the major revisions and the pressure of deadlines. So when the news is good it’s natural to want to celebrate.

This month is a perfect one for celebrating. Three (count them!) of my writing friends from Australia have their debut books released this month. How’s that for amazing? They’re excited and so am I. There’s something so thrilling about that first book actually on the shelves that’s breathtaking.

The books and authors in question are:

'Scandal's Daughter' by Christine Wells (Berkley Sensation DEBUT novel),
'Forgotten Marriage' by Paula Roe (Silhouette Desire DEBUT novel),
'Dream Job, Hot Boss!' by Robyn Grady (Harlequin Modern Extra DEBUT Novel)

So raise your glasses please, or your boxes of fine chocolate, or your best festive food and join the cyber celebrations. As you can imagine, there was some rather noisy partying Down Under recently in honor of these successes.

To mark the occasion, Robyn, Christine, Paula and I have got together to devise a contest in which signed copies of these three debut novels and my current release 'For the Sheikh's Pleasure' can be won. If you’re interested, pop over to my website and check out the contest page. You have until 31 October to enter.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what things you like to celebrate. Birthdays or name days? Special holidays or personal achievements? What do you and your friends enjoy celebrating most?



Christine Wells said...

Annie, you're so right--I experience my writer friends' successes with as much joy as if they're my own and it's so much fun celebrating.

Thanks very much for blogging about our debuts--you're a treasure! And good luck to everyone who enters Annie's contest!

Karen H in NC said...

In years past, my family would celebrate every holiday and birthday. But as family dynamics change so do the celebrations. Now, because I live in one state and my children live in another, we only get together to celebrate Christmas. But we do send birthday gifts to each other.

BTW, just entered your New Aussie Author contest. Hope I'm a winner!!

ilona said...
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ilona said...

Well it used to be birthdays, anniversaries and christmas but recently I have been enjoying celebrations for a different reason.
Two of my five children have graduated from University with the third one half way there.
As of next week the fourth child heads of to her new University so I have two more graduation ceremonies to look forward to as well :D

Annie West said...

Christine, It's lovely to see you here. It's such an exciting time having THREE friends with their books out this month! Not to mention my own on dear Arik on the shelves here in Aus too (believe me see the book for sale is enormously exciting!).

For anyone who loves historical romance I can heartily recommend Christine's. It's a great read (I can say that now as I have my own copy).


Annie West said...


It's interesting how family dynamics change the celebrations isn't it? For a long time we lived in another state to my parents and in laws so our 'family' celebrations were often with friends rather than relatives. Now we're in the same area we have more family gatherings. In fact I shouldn't be here - I should be cooking - we're having one of those birthday celebrations here in a few hours and I'm not quite organised!

Wonderful to hear you've entered the New Aussie Author Contest! Best of luck in the draw.


Annie West said...

Hi Ilona,

Wow - so many graduations. You're right, they're a fantastic reason to celebrate! You must be so proud of them. I have some fond memories of such celebrations myself. Isn't it great to enjoy the fruits of such hard work?

Another thing I used to like was a lazy, relaxed celebration such as a picnic just after university exams were finished for the year and we had summer break coming up. Such a wonderful feeling!


Anna Campbell said...

Annie, that was a really great post. Love the idea of a rainy day spent with a story. Although I think I'd rather spend it reading one of yours than writing one of mine! Christine, Robyn and Paula, you're all exceptionally talented women and your books are fantastic. I wish you all the greatest luck and also send huge congratulations on your debuts. They should rename September Aussie Romance Month! Hurrah!

Lois said...

Well, besides the usual stuff, I do celebrate my cat's birthday. . . and there is Albert Einstein's birthday, oh, and in August it's time for a Sean Connery marathon. . . and last week Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth on the 10th. . . . stuff like that. ;)


Annie West said...

Anna, well it's always a temptation, isn't it, to curl up on a rainy day and read someone else's story? (I'm glad you thought of reading mine!)

But then just recently we had one of those cold, thoroughly drenching days and I was so eager to get stuck into writing my next scene - it was a real treat knowing that it was also one of those days when I didn't have to venture outside! I could just get absorbed in the story - bliss!


Annie West said...

Lois, I'm fascinated! Albert Einstein's birthday? Now that's one I've not encountered before. I do recall, as a student, attending a party on the anniversary of Alexander the Great's death - supposedly a wake!

As for celebrating Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice - obviously you're a woman of great taste and discernment Perhaps I should follow your example!


hiddenfires said...

I love celebrating my close friends and families' birthdays as well as Christmas.

Lily said...

I usually take every chance I get to celebrate... so birthdays,, achievements, holidays, you name it!

Nathalie said...

I celebrate birthdays and the major holdays... too much partying can't be too good!

Annie West said...

How lovely to find some more comments here. Thanks Lily, Hiddenfires and Nathalie for sharing!

I have to admit that I love any excuse for a celebration. And while I love a party, sometimes the celebration is something low key with someone special. Just as much fun!

tam said...

We don't really celebrate birthdays & holidays too much. Don't get me wrong we give gifts for birthdays & Christmas and give out candy at Halloween. But as far as really doing something with family or friends, the kids are all grown and moved away & we have moved out of state too. There's no other family around. We wait until we can make a trip to where they live, like last month just before school started for my grandkids we flew out there drove to their place picked my daughter and her 4 boys up then drove 8 hours with them. We took every one to Sea World, A Wild Life Park, and several other places. We spent the week with them. There where no house cleaning or foods to be cooked. We all enjoyed the trip.