Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hi, I'm Liz Fielding and for those of you who don't know me, I write Harlequin Romance. But I'm not here to talk about my books, I’m here to ask if you’ve all read Anne McAllister’s THE SANTORINI BRIDE.

I’ve just signed off on The Sheikh’s Unsuitable Bride, which was the toughest book I’ve written in a long time (it was just hard work, who knows why?) and as a treat, and to make the pain to away, I settled down with Anne’s book.

It was just perfect.

Martha and Theo are two incredibly stubborn characters. They’re independent. Strong-willed. She’s gorgeous in a domestic goddess kind of way. He’s trying to escape the fall-out from being named “the world’s sexiest sailor”. She won’t settle for less than love. He doesn’t believe in it. Oh, and there’s Ted, a scene-stealing French bulldog!

Gorgeous characters, fabulous story, wonderful book. But then it was written by Anne McAllister. I can’t wait for Spence and Sadie’s story...

What else? Oh, yes. I’ve got a competition on my webpage, so if you want the chance to win a copy of The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella (and I’m throwing in her duster as an extra!) a full month before you can buy it retail, check it out here


Michelle Styles said...

I read and loved The Santorini Bride -- it was my treat several weekends ago. I loved Ted -- the alternative hero to the story who simply can not resist a good treat...

Like you, Liz I can't wait for the Spence and Sadie story.

I also really enjoyed your latest offering -- The Valentine Bride.

I had read the third in the so-called Brides' contest last summer when Kate Walker gave me a copy.

All three were great in the classic traditions of Harlequin. They swept me away for a few hours and when I had finished my mind was refreshed.

I can thoroughly reccommend any of the above. If you have them in your TBR, move them up. If they are not there, you can get them there.

Kate Walker said...

I loved The Santorini Bride too, Liz. And I loved The Valentine Bride too. Reading them was an added bonus - a lovely spin off from the contest we ran together, I knew I was going to enjoy both of those books when their heroes - Theo and Max - took over your blogs (while Domenico took over mine) and their characters grabbed me from the start.

And I was not in the least disappointed. Thank you for The Valentine's Bride! And I'm so looking forward to Lady Gabriella - the synopsis sounds so intriguing, I can't wait to read the real thing

Enjoy your relaxation. I'm so glad the Sheikh is finished, and I'm sure he'll be fabulous, in spite of - or perhaps because of all that hard work.


juliemt said...

I loved Anne's book as well and I just can't wait for Spencer and Sadie's book!

Liz, The Valentine Bride was such a lovely read. I can't wait for Lady Gabriella as the synopsis is hugely intriguing!

liz said...


I agreed with everyone, that was a lovely story.
And cant wait for the" The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella" to come out.


Anne McAllister said...

What a surprise! Thank you so much for posting this about Theo and Martha! I'm delighted you enjoyed The Santorini Bride -- and Ted is, of course, quite puffed up with pleasure (or treats).

You know how much I loved Max's book -- The Valentine Bride. And how much fun it was listening to those grooms wrangling away on our blogs, exhorting readers to enter their contest! Dom's book was, of course, wonderful, too. Talk about emotional! Yikes!

I'll be watching for Lady Gabriela. The synopsis sounds like so much fun. I can hardly wait.


Liz Fielding said...

Hi Anne! It was my pleasure. And the competition was so much fun. It's the first time I've had a character take over my blog, and I loved doing that.

And thank you for loving The Valentine Bride.

And the next on my teetering tbr pile is Kate Walker's The Italian's Forced Bride and I can't wait!

I'm going over to my website sometime in the next 48 hours, btw, to fix the competition news; now I've recovered from last week's revisions jag I've realised it's a bit garbled!


Mona said...

Hi Liz,

Just finished your book Her Wish-List Bridegroom. I liked the conversations going between Juliet and Gregor, it was light and smart.. and I liked very much the moment he recognized her, the way you made him remember her made him seems not as silly as one would thought he'd be. Considering the fact that she knew him the very first moment she saw him and he recognized her by the end of the book.

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Mona. :)

That's always a tricky one to pull off, although I think girls change from v. early teens to adulthood (especially when they've gone from poverty to designer clothes and haircuts) a lot more than men. And while she was always smitten, he was much older and just being kind to a skinny bullied kid.

Mona said...

Hey Liz, I understand what you mean, but when putting myself in the heroine's shoes. (a little bit childish I know but I do that a lot) I'd feel very disappointed. But as I told you before you made that moment real something.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

An incredible book and please see my reviewe on Pink Heart Society, Amazon and Romance Design and my blog:

Ted, well what can I say but I think that Kate Walker's Sid might upstage him. However on Anne's website she's added new pets in the mix.

I encourage all of you to read an interview on Once Upon a Romance:

Liz Fielding said...

Mona, if I can make you feel as if you're in the heroine's shoes I'm really happy!

Thanks so much for caring enough about Juliet to mind!

ChristyJan said...

I haven't read THE SANTORINI BRIDE ~ yet. But it is on my list.