Monday, March 26, 2007

All About Eve - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Anyone who’s been to my website at knows about Eve, the black cat I adopted from the Humane Society two years ago. In fact, if you have any cute pet pictures lying around, I’d love for you to enter them in Eve’s Second Annual Pet Photo Contest. For every entry I’m donating a dollar to animal rescue. But hurry, because the contest ends March 31st!
If you have animals, then you know life is never dull where they’re concerned, and sometimes it’s downright scary. Eve put me through it several weeks ago when she developed an abscess on her cheek. Yes, that’s about as icky as it sounds.

Of course I felt all guilty, thinking I’d allowed her to get into something that caused the abscess. This is the cat who goes outside on a leash because if I let her run loose, the roaming coyotes will eat her. Yes, they parade right through the front yard in broad daylight. And they’re beautiful – wild and sleek and ready to gobble up any cats and small dogs left to their own devices.

So out I go every morning with Eve sporting her red harness and leash, and it’s true that I let her roll in the dirt. I mean, c’mon. Cats love that, and she’s such a good sport about the harness and leash that I can’t deny her a little dirt bath. However, I think that might have been where she rubbed something into her cheek that caused the abscess. Or not. Abscesses are mysterious things and could be caused by lots of things that are Not My Fault. I hope. I’m a kitty mom and guilt seems to go with the territory.

Dealing with the abscess was not fun. She had to have a drain tube installed. Has anybody else had that particular pleasure? And then came the funnel-shaped collar. I tried to convince Eve she looked like Queen Elizabeth wearing a starched ruff, but she wasn’t buying it. Hated the collar.

I’m happy to report she’s fine now. The drain’s gone, the collar’s gone, and her fur is growing back. She’s primping a lot because I told her she has a prominent role in my next book called OVERHEXED. It comes out in October just in time for Halloween, and yep, it’s a paranormal. The black cat in the book is called Sabrina instead of Eve. I thought that might save Eve from being mobbed by the paparazzi. But it’s her, right down to her whiskers.

She gives me lots of material, but maybe you have some cat stories you’d like to share. Or dog stories. I’m adding an Irish Wolfhound to the second book in the series. So let’s talk!


Marcy said...

I can commisserate with the pet problems. We recently found out that our cat is diabetic. Guess what we get to do twice a day? Yup. Insulin shots. At least he's good about it. Actually he barely flinches. It could be that all his, um, 'extra padding' is helping.


ChristyJan said...

I'm glad to hear that Eve is better - sounds like an interesting time.

What a generous thing you are doing for animal rescue.

Mona said...

Well..I've always loved dogs though I haven't got any, but my true love is pigeon. I don't even like to think of them as pets but more like friends : )

Lee Hyat said...

From Vicki --

marcy -- yikes on the insulin shots, but it seems to be hurting you more than him, LOL. I hope he lives a long and happy life.

christyjan -- I figure people can often fend for themselves, but animals are at our mercy. And they give back so much!

mona -- a pigeon! That sounds so cool. Not long ago a white one came to our bird feeder, and I was sure it belonged to someone, but it wouldn't let me come near. I hope it found its way home. Actually, I agree with you about the "pet" label. "Friends" is a better word, for sure!


Jennifer Y. said...

Eve is lovely...I love cats. We have a lot of stray cats that hang around here...found some kittens the other day that one of them had.

VanessaB said...

Great to hear Eve is doing well. My kitty (also black and very cute) had an abscess installed in his forehead. I don't think the photographic evidence will win him a prize in the contest.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Eve

My cat Sid sends head butts and purrs to Eve. Like her, he is a purrsonality on my web site and his current project is the Cat Calendar that he insists I put up on the first of every month - so the next one is going up tomorrow. I can't reveal that until the day of course but he says I can send you a photo of him looking his regal best - because he would love you to make a donation in his name - his full name that is, Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Portly-Lummox!

Like my other 3 cats, Sid is a rescue cat so he has a special interest in helping other cats who don't yet have tame humans to attend to their every need.

We'd both like to send our sympathy to Eve on the unpleasantness and indignity of having the abscess dealt with but we're sure she looked truly elegant in the Queen Elizabeth collar. Perhaps she'd like to visit my blog tomorrow when she can see Sid posing for the April Calendar there

Oh - and about books - Sid has a walk on part in a couple of Anne McAllister's books, including a speaking (miaowing ) part in the Great Montana Cowboy Auction - he gets more fan mail than I do!

Kate Walker said...

Ps I'm sorry - of course I meant to say Hi Vicki!

But Sid tells me I addressed the comments to the V I P very important puss - which is the correct way!