Friday, January 05, 2007

Venus Makes Her Debut!

So sorry I've not been back to post since my introduction, but I have an excuse. Really. The way I figure it, authors who have been around know how to handle a book when it comes out. They've learned what needs to be done (and what doesn't need to be done). They know how to do it efficiently, in a timely manner, with finesse.

Not so, us newbies! I've decided it takes me about three times as long to do each of the steps to promote my new book, VENUS ENVY, as it would if this was my third or fourth book. After all, I have to figure out what needs to be done, how to do it, and how to do it so it doesn't take ten times as long as necessary. :-)

But, seriously, I've been on the shelves almost two weeks now, and I'm so happy with my progress! Some of my local stores were slow to get VENUS ENVY on the shelves, but they are finally here! I've done some stock signings (learned that talking up your book to the booksellers may land you better shelf space once you've signed their stock), taken pictures of VENUS on the shelves (and had many wonderful friends send my pictures of it from across the country!), and have checked my Amazon numbers and Googled my name a thousand times (a DAY, sometimes!).

All in all, it's been a fabulous experience, and I hope to continue to have as much fun going into the rest of 2007!

One of the things I wanted to share here is my updated website. It's been a long time coming...mostly because I wasn't sure what I had to say that was different from what was already there. But, I came up with lots of changes, including an Appearances & Events page, with all my upcoming signings. Thanks to my good friend, Gerri Russell, I'm going to be group signing throughout this month and February with her and Pat White, throughout the Seattle area. Please come see us if you are in the area!

Also on my website, you can sign up for my newsletter, see what great books I've been reading throughout 2006 (on my About Me page), and read all the great buzz about VENUS ENVY, which was chosen as a Book Sense Notable for January 2007!

So please check out all the new stuff on my web...and if you want to be even more up to date, you can always read my personal blog. AND, if you read VENUS ENVY, please let me know what you think about it!!

All my best,



liz said...

Hey Shannon,

It must be really exciting!Congrats on your book! And good luck!

I will add this to my TBR pile and will pick the book when I have time and will stop by your website laters.


Anna Campbell said...

Shannon, congratulations on your debut. It must be so exciting seeing your book on the shelves. I have to wait until April - and that's if the book is in Australia then! I'm not sure what the delay is between the US and Australia on that. This whole promotion thing is just so overwhelming, isn't it? I really related to your post. Do you know Daphne du Maurier didn't give one single interview in her entire career? What a change since then! Good luck with Venus Envy - really clever title, by the way.

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats on the release! I love the title!

ChristyJan said...

The updated web-site looks great!
Congrats and good luck on the new release.