Saturday, January 13, 2007

Is There Life After Dial-Up? Sandra Marton Wants to Know.

Maybe the real question is, is there life after days spent battling computer woes?

We live within just a few miles of a major university. On the other hand, we live on a country road. We have neighbors who hold interesting, complex jobs at the university and in Hartford, the capital city of our state. On the other hand, our most immediate neighbors are deer with occasional hellos from foxes, raccoons and fishers.

In other words, we're in the country... but we're supposed to have all the benefits of more sophisticated living. Notice that word, 'supposed' in there? That's the giveaway. We were unable to get a high-speed internet connection until this week. I thought I'd be thrilled, giving up years of dial-up for the speed of DSL. Well, I am thrilled... with the speed. But getting all my computers connected, getting my email switched...

Not fun.

Anyway, things seem to be up and running after days of frustration. The even better news is that I sent my latest book, THE SPANISH PRINCE'S VIRGIN BRIDE, to my editor (once my DSL connection was working!) and she loved it.

My Spanish Prince will be published in the USA in October, after the publication in August of THE ITALIAN PRINCE'S PREGNANT BRIDE and then, in September, the publication of THE GREEK PRINCE'S CHOSEN WIFE.

So, I have a lot to celebrate this week. DSL is here and, for the moment, it's working. And my three princes are ready to meet all of you.

Sometimes, life is good.



liz said...

Hi Sandra,

I know what you mean about having no high speed connection. Until recently, I had the same problem. For years, one of my friends who lives 3 blocks from my house had DSL for years, while we had no access and was stuck with dial-up.

Asides from this, I also wanted to say congrats on getting a high-speed connection and on your 3 princes! Cant wait to meet them either.

=) Liz

Sandra Marton said...

Liz, thanks for commiserating. Such misery, isn't it, knowing you're stuck with dial-up while the rest of the world rockets by?

My princes are eager to meet the world. I'm happy for them but, as always, it was hard to let them go.


diva said...

Just checked out your blog, Sandra and your grandkids are adorable!
We switched to high-speed internet just a few months ago and it's made such a big difference. I love spending time on the computer now and it helps especially with the sites that are graphic intensive. Glad to hear you're out of the dial-up world too.
I can't wait to read your prince books!

Jennifer Y. said...

I can't even remember life before my cable internet...not sure I want to. I feel for those of you who still have dial-up!