Saturday, January 27, 2007

a few minutes to be thankful - Julie Cohen

Hi, my name is Julie Cohen and I've had the most amazing 12 months of my entire life.

My first book was published in March 2006, and I've had five others published since then (the two latest are SPIRIT WILLING, FLESH WEAK, with Headline's Little Black Dress imprint, and DRIVING HIM WILD, Mills & Boon Modern Extra, in February). In March 2006 I also became pregnant, after much trying, and I gave birth to my first child five weeks ago today, on 23rd December.

Twelve months, six books, and a it any wonder I wake up every morning feeling blessed?

But some other really cool things have happened in the past twelve months. So in between feeding and rocking my son, I wanted to spend a few minutes blogging about how writing books has connected me with people.

For one thing, people I haven't heard from in ages have Googled me and sent me an email or a letter. This is great. I've heard from relatives, long-ago friends, former teachers and former students. Google is truly a wonderful thing.

(One of my hobbies is inserting strange phrases into my blog so that it comes up on a Google search for, for example, "nude Canadian hippies". I'm not sure if any of my long-lost friends have found me that way.)

For another, readers get in touch and tell me what they think about my books. This is a total thrill--particularly when they are from a far-away country I've never been to. On the other side of the fence, since becoming an author and finding out how great it is to hear from readers, I've started writing to authors I admire, and I've met a few amazing people that way.

Also, complete strangers email me because we share some sort of interest. The other day I heard from a woman who is a total Ewan McGregor fan (I am just slightly obsessed with him, and he's the hero of my book DELICIOUS). What a joy, to discuss the merits of a beautiful man with a like-minded stranger...

Of course, the romance writing community is amazing, full of generous published individuals and exciting aspiring writers. Forums like this blog, The Pink Heart Society, and Romancing the Blog are brilliant because you can meet online, but I belong to real-life writing groups too, and there I meet people of all ages, beliefs, backgrounds, and talents, who I probably would never meet if we didn't share a love of writing.

Writing has changed my life, and truly provided a community for me. For example, when I went into hospital to have my son, visits to my blog soared, and there were nearly a hundred congratulatory messages left for me to read when I got out of hospital.

What gifts I've been given.

How about you?

DRIVING HIM WILD, Mills & Boon Modern Extra, February 2007

When smart-mouthed New York City cab driver Zoe Drake finds Mr Tall, Dark and Brooding on her doorstep, she doesn’t know what to think...does he want something, or has Christmas come early this year?
"Cohen writes the perfect short contemporary romance"
(Romance Reader at Heart)

SPIRIT WILLING, FLESH WEAK, Headline Little Black Dress

Rosie Fox can’t see dead people. She’s a fake spirit medium, playing the game for fun and profit. Until one day, she really sees the future. And she realises that maybe the truth is more important than she thought.
“Wildly romantic, hilarious…terrific page-turning fun”
“Witty, fun, and just a little bit quirky”

(Amazon reviews)


Jennifer Y. said...

Aww...the baby is adorable! Congrats on the wonderful year!

liz said...

Hi, Congrats Julie on the baby and the great year you have had!

And thanks for sharing with us a little bit about what your upcoming books are going to be. to random phrases on your blog, I am gonna stop by it laters and see what unusual phrases you have had and to see if you have more pics of your baby.


Julie Cohen said...

Thanks Jennifer and Liz! It was good for me to count some blessings.

For some time I was number one on a Google search for "Owen Wilson hugging a man".

Margaret McDonagh said...

Julie, great to have you and little Nate here. It certainly has been an amazing 12 months. And I hope the next year and all the ones thereafter are fabulous as well.


Jennifer Y. said...

For some time I was number one on a Google search for "Owen Wilson hugging a man".


Debbie E said...

Julie it is amazing how the world is next door to me because of the internet. There are so many great lasting relationships I have made with authors as I really appreciate reading their great stories and I make it a point to email each author - that I have read a story and let them know how much I appreciate their talent.

It sounds like you might be Canadian? That would be exciting for sure as I live in Ontario.

Congrats on all your blessings especially your baby and many more to come I'm sure - blessings or babies whichever you prefer. LOL!!

Debbie E

mammakim said...

Congrats on the baby... Your books sound great!

sharon said...

Your lucky to have such an adorable son. All the best and enjoy this precious time together. I saw Ewan McGregor in Beatrix Potter. Loved it. Was so great.

ellie said...

The pic of you and your son is wonderful! What a fabulous year. Congrats on everything.

alissa said...

congrats on the great year and all the best for your and your baby's health and happiness and your success in the future.

Julie Cohen said...

Thanks Mags, Debbie, Mammakim, Sharon, Ellie, and Alissa!

Debbie, it sounds as if you have made many authors very happy. It's funny you think I'm Canadian--I'm actually from Maine (US) and live in the UK, so a lot of people hear my accent and guess Canadian...maybe I type that way, too!

Ewan is very gorgeous, isn't he Sharon? ;-)

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Julie,

Aww what a lovely picture of you and the baby very cute.

WoW! Twelve months, six books, and a it any wonder I wake up every morning feeling blessed?
Girl don't know how you did it but Congrad's to you. *Cheers* WooHoo. I see 2006 was a very happy year for you and you were blessed. Hope 2007 is as wonderful as 2006 was for you.

Your books look good love the covers going to check them out. Thanks for being here and sharing your 2006 story with us YaY!


readingissomuchfun said...

One more thing I know what you mean about the whole google thing. Well actually for me it's myspace I have a few friends who I have not talked to in almost 6 yrs or more and finally they found me and added me. I was so shocked but happy at the same time *G* Feels good to know that there are friends out there who still think about you :-)


sydney molare said...

You are definitely cooking, chick! Congratulations on everything!

KimW said...

Congratulations, Julie on a wonderful year. Sending you a cyber toast for another one as well.

Anne McAllister said...

He continues to be a handsome devil, Julie! What a hunk! And what a great year you had in 2006. Wishing you more of life's blessings in 2007.