Monday, January 22, 2007

A Cornucopia of New Authors, Annie West

I suppose someone will tell me the correct term for a group of authors (fingers crossed it's not a 'gaggle'!). But in the meantime I'll go with cornucopia - the mythical horn of plenty that could provide whatever you wanted. You'll find out why in just a moment.

As you may know, I'm a new (12 months in the job) Presents author. I was talking to another new author just last week about the number of people who have their first or second romance books being released about now. There are plenty of us. As a reader I find that enormously exciting as I'll get to read stories by exciting new talents as well as by established favourites.

Our discussion led to the idea of a book giveaway by 2 or 3 of us. Within a week that blew out to 9 authors involved!

My only gripe is that I haven't read all the books in question and, as a contributor to the contest, I can't enter! I knew there had to be a downside to this idea.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February we've joined forces in a competition that really will be a cornucopia for some lucky readers. This is a chance to try out books by some new authors whose names are starting to appear on best seller lists and who will, I believe, become well known to you in the future.

Prizes include signed copies of:

FALLING FOR THE FRENCHMAN (Romance) by Claire Baxter


PRICELESS (Promotional Presents) by Kelly Hunter

THE CEO’S CONTRACT BRIDE (Desire) by Yvonne Lindsay

HER MIRACLE BABY (Medical) by Fiona Lowe

BLACK WIDOW BRIDE (Desire) by Tessa Radley



PLUS every prizewinner will receive a cover flat for an exciting Avon Romantic Treasure release: ‘CLAIMING THE COURTESAN’ by Anna Campbell before it even hits the shelves.

It’s easy to enter the contest. Just visit my website at Go to the contest page, then send an email with the word ‘contest’ in the title and explain how you’d like to spend Valentine’s Day. (Short answers are fine!).

Winners will be drawn at the end of February to give you plenty of time to enter. One entry will be drawn for every prize on offer so there will be plenty of prize winners.

And, finally, if anyone does know the collective noun for authors, please let me know!


Anna Campbell said...

Annie, I'm so excited to be part of this great contest. Having heard romance authors in action en masse, I think perhaps a gaggle is appropriate. No, let's play nice. How about an elegance of romance authors? Nuh. We all write in our trackpants so that won't work. How about a Valentine of romance authors? Now we're getting somewhere. A swoon? A smooch? A heartthrob? I know - a cuddle of romance writers!

Hey, isn't it great to see all those covers together?

Lee Hyat said...

How about a bouquet of romance authors?
Sounds like a great contest though and I'm drooling over the covers! Fantastic. :)

Annie West said...

You're right, Lee, I love the covers! Worth the effort to get them on the blog. But I am covetous - I've yet to get my hands on half of them. The ones I've read so far have been fabulous.

Anna, I wish I could be part of an 'elegance' of romance writers, though I'm not sure I'd fit! I suspect a swoon, or perhaps a bouquet is more likely.


Jennifer Y. said...

All of those sound and look so great!

traveler said...

Love this contest. Very impressive with great books.

liz said...


Hm...I think all the terms sound fine. And I have to say that it is really a neat contest! So many prizes to help celebrate Valentines.

=) Liz

Anna Campbell said...

By George, I've got it! A RAPTURE of romance writers!

Annie West said...


A rapture of romance writers? Not bad. I wonder if that means that you could also get a red hot rapture or a racy rapture? And then there's always a rave of writers. That sounds like fun.


Jennifer Y. said...

"Rapture" of authors...oooh I like.

ChristyJan said...

What a wonderful contest with a bouquet of books!

liz said... about a assemblage of authors? or a clan of authors?
That way it sounds more unified, and expresses that all authors are like family.

How about it?

=) Liz

liz said...

Oh, forgot to mention that like Lee, those covers rocks!


liz said...

Hm...just re-read my previous post...sigh...I think I accidentally deleted some words in between (again!).

What I meant was that:

"Oh, forgot to mention that like Lee, I also think those covers rocks!"

Although I have to confess that I think Lee and all the authors on these blog, and all the readers on these blogs also rocks. It is soo nice to fine a site where so many readers and various authors can all interact (exchange news, ideas, thoughts, books, etc) like one big happy family.

=) Liz

liz said...

Hey Annie,

Just stopped by your website and have to say it is really neat. I also read a short summary of each of the books you are giving away and they have piqued my interest lots. They are so different yet they share similarities as well.

=) Liz

Annie West said...

ChristyJan, I love the bouquet of books!

And Liz, a clan of authors might work too. I like the family feel to it. Thanks for the feedback on my website - I'm so pleased you liked it. It's in the process of being updated, with some additions to be included (fingers crossed) in the next day or two.

You're right - though the books in the contest are all different there are some similarities too. So far I've loved reading the books by these new authors. When I get my current ms off my hands (deadline looming) I hope to settle down with some more!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just discovered this blog from one of my Yahoo groups and I love it. Thanks for starting it.