Sunday, November 05, 2006

Susan Mallery - If only it were like the movies...

Hi--I'm Susan Mallery and I'm going to be posting over here from time to time. You're probably wondering where the fancy graphics are, the links to my covers, or my web site. Hmm, you're gonna have to use your imagination. I have no idea how to link or upload...I keep telling myself I should learn. But it's sort of like the government suggestion of 9 fruits or vegetables a day. A fabulous idea in theory, but honestly, who has the time?

The thing is being a writer is real life is nothing like being a writer in movies or on TV. Not that I want to be like that writer guy in Misery...I love shoes too much. But there are some fantasies I wouldn't mind having on a daily basis. Like the idea that a book sells, comes out and makes a million, all in a 22 minute sitcom. If only. Or that writers live glamorous lives. Or write in the bathtub, wearing a boa, drinking champagne.

I write in my office, with a cat on the table beside me and a dog curled up under my desk. Not a boa in sight. Or champagne. Let's take a typical day...let's take today. It's Sunday. Most people are off, but I'm behind, so I worked today. But first I went to the grocery store because it's lovely and quiet early in the morning and I can powerwalk my way through all the aisles.

I had a moral debate with myself in the bakery section, which I lost. So a blueberry muffin for me and apple fritters for the family later, I collected my groceries, made a quick stop at Starbucks, then drove home. After unloading groceries, I took care of the litter box, the puppy pads, refilled not one, not two but three water dishes, ate my muffin, then went to work. I stopped after a couple of pages to put in laundry, discuss whether or not the air filters needed replacing with my husband, yelled at my stepson to turn down the music which he was *studying* to, then went back to my chapter.

Stopped six pages later to start lunch, clean off my desk (didn't get that done) do more laundry, wash out the cat fountain, which is different from the cat water dish, medicate one cat with tummy issues. The local home owners association ladies stopped by, so that was a highlight. I still have to finish my chapter, pay bills, fold said laundry, cook dinner and then collapse.

Somebody pour me that glass of champagne!

In my next life I plan to be rich and have a staff. Or at least a pool boy. But for now...I'm doing my best to get it all done. The good news is, I get to write for a living and that's about the coolest thing around!


Lee Hyat said...

Susan, I added your photo for you! :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Susan, just finished your The Substitute Millionaire and it's wonderful or should I say incredible. How can one wait for the next book in the series? Hunky man and sassy woman.....great!

Anne McAllister said...

The pool boy sounds like a nice addition to a next life, Susan!!!