Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Arriving Late For The Party!

I big warm thanks, Lee, for inviting me in here. It’s so great to be amongst so many of my favourite authors!

And thanks too, for running mine and Kate Walkers competition on your competitions page!

Oh, I forgot to say--Hi, I’m Michelle Reid, writing for Harlequin Presents. I’m going to try my best to pop in here as often as I can but being very new to blogging I’ll probably get lost along the way!

Christmas… Who mentioned Christmas first? Bad girl, you’ve put me into a panic because I’ve got no time to go shopping – no shops either! I used to be a die-hard city girl with a million shops to choose from only ten minutes away, since I made the move last year to rural wench, I just can’t get used to having drive 30 miles to my nearest town – hence the Christmas panic attack – where do I find the time??

Thinking about Christmas though there is an upside to it, Susan Stephens, Jane Porter and I will have an anthology of short stories out called ONE CHRISTMAS NIGHT (try to imagine the bright red seasonal cover because I don’t know how to put it up here) Well worth curling up with on one of those cold winter evenings. And with a Sicilian, an Italian and a Sultan to curl up with you, what more could you want?

STOP PRESS! (In case I don’t find my way back in here again) My book The Italian’s Future Bride is out in January, and it’s been awarded 4 ½ stars in The Romantic Times! –Fabulous, I’m so pleased and proud!

Okay, back to the deadline – to the accompaniment of hammers and drills and goodness knows what noises coming from the men who are building my new office on the side of the house…

Hey look, I managed to put in my photo!

Michelle Reid


Kate Walker said...

Hi Michelle! You made it here at last - even put a photo up! I told you it was easy.

Lovely to see you and now that you've found your way here, I hope you'll come back lots. Even if you get lost, I'll help you find your way back



deseng said...

Welcome Michelle!

Glad to see you blogging here. I hope you come back and blog again soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Michele L.

Michelle Reid said...

Hi Kate, thanks for showing me how to use Lee's blog!

Hi Michelle, thanks for the welcome, nice to know I'm in such lovely company!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Michelle R

Barbara said...

Hi Michelle!

Great to see you here. I'll look forward to the anthology. Love Christmasy stories.

And I see someone got the cover up for you!

Hope you come back soon.